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Thread: Chaos Drops & Mesos - Help Needed!

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    Hi guys again XD .. new drops from mobs in Magatia

    -Purple Liquid (Etc. Drop)

    -Blacklist (Etc. Drop)
    (Security Camara)

    -Shoes Productor Stimulation

    Pure Water
    (Neo Huroid)

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    Monster's Name & Level (optional): Drumming Bunny

    Use: Potential Scroll
    Maker (for Magic Powders):


    Do not try to get it, an infrequent drop

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    Note that I will edit this post when necessary!

    Been hunting for a while:

    Monster's Name & Level (optional): Barnard Gray - Level 65

    Magician: Evil Wings
    Monster's Name & Level (optional): Racaroni - Level 76
    Mesos: 403 - 571

    Etc: Racroni Tail, Racaroni Heart (Quest Only)
    Ore: Diamond Ore

    Thief: Blue Scarab
    Monster's Name & Level (optional): Guard Robot L - Level 79
    Mesos: 435 - 605

    Etc: Guard Robot L's Electric Racket
    Use: White Potion
    Ore: Black Crystal Ore

    Bowman: Dark Lineros (F)
    Magician: Brown Lapis Sandals
    Thief: Green Larceny
    Monster's Name & Level (optional): Security System - Level 87
    Mesos: 488 - 694

    Etc: Outer Handle, Security System Key Card

    Warrior: Fairfrozen
    Magician: Dark Enigma Shoes
    Bowman: Marine Raven
    Thief: Brown Osfa Suit (M)
    Pirate: Peacemaker (need to cofirm this one)
    Monster's Name & Level (optional): AF Android - Level 93
    Mesos: 588 - 833

    Etc: Android Bulb
    Use: Mana Elixir, Elixir, Unagi, Arrow for Crossbow

    Warrior: Hellslayer, Ruin Hammer, Dark Lucida (F)
    Magician: Green Neli Shoes, Green Bazura (F), Blue Marine (Confirmed. True.)
    Thief: Red Katina Boots, Purple Mystra
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    Guard Robot
    Mesos: 324-479

    Etc: Guard Robot Baton
    Use: Pure Water, Arrow for Bow, Arrow for Crossbow, Red Bean Sundae, Icicles
    Ore: Black Crystal Ore, Garnet Ore, Gold Ore, Sapphire Ore
    Maker (for Magic Powders):

    Warrior: Hawkhead
    Bowman: Dark Linnex
    Thief: Red Mystique (F)
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    Ice Drakes drop Wolbi.


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    Monster Name and Level: Big Boulder Muncher lv. 35
    Thief: Blood Avarice, Black Red-Lined Shoes


    Monster Name and Level: Safety First lv. 31
    Bowman: Dark Pole-Feather Hat

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    Monster's Name & Level: Potted Sprout (level 5)
    Mesos: 8-12

    Etc: Sprout
    Use: Red Potion, Orange Potion, Blue Potion


    Monster's Name & Level: Potted Morning Glory (level 6)
    Mesos: 9-15

    Etc: Morning Glory
    Use: Red Potion, Orange Potion, Blue Potion

    Common: Green Skullcap
    Warrior: Heavy Mace
    Bowman: War Bow, Composite Bow
    Thief: Green Ghetto Beanie


    Monster's Name & Level: Grape Juice Bottle (level 7)
    Mesos: 14-21

    Etc: Cork Stopper
    Use: Red Potion, Orange Potion, Blue Potion


    Monster's Name & Level: Strange Sign (level 16)

    Use: Red Potion, White Potion

    Warrior: Red Ramel Skirt (F)


    Monster's Name & Level: Serpent (level 18)
    Mesos: 28-42

    Etc: Serpent Tail
    Use: Red Potion, Orange Potion, Blue Potion, White Potion

    Common: Ice Jeans
    Warrior: Studded Polearm
    Bowman: Yellow Arianne (F)
    Thief: Dark Nightshift

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    Monster's Name & Level : Rex lvl 80

    Use:GFA 60%, power elixer, elixer

    Common:Red Rex earring, Green Rex earring, Blue Rex earring

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    Default Big Bang Drops & Mesos

    Monster's Name & Level : Chlorotrap (level 45)
    Mesos : About 250

    Magician : Dark Arten (level 40 glove)
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    More drops from mobs in ariant

    Mana Elixir

    Golden Crow (Crossbow lvl 60)

    Green Pirate Skirt (F) (Thief Bottom lvl 80)
    Vital Bulet

    Aquamarine Ore
    Green Pris (M) (Bowman Overall lvl 80)

    Arrow for Bow
    (Desert Rabbit (M) )

    Wizard Potion
    (Royal Cactus)

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