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Thread: Full Swing Problem URGENT HELP PLS

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    Default Full Swing Problem URGENT HELP PLS

    Hi, I'm having a BIG problem. I leveled to 68 with my Aran on Monday, when the big bang wasn't active. Today, I got level 70 and 3rd job with my Aran. When I clicked "K" button, I didn't see any Full swing skill. It is because I didn't do the lvl 68. It's the problem. I didn't get ANY quest about this skill. I wanna get this skill, can someone help me? I went visit Tru, Athena Pierce, Ellin Florest, Ereve and anybody has the skill quest or nothing pop up.

    I'm SURE I did the lvl 63 quest at ellin florest

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    theres a 68 quest
    u have to do it
    then u get the full swing skill from nineheart at lvl 70


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