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    Default [Resistance] Battle Mage 1ST-3RD Guide

    Now you may be thinkin', "How can we trust this guy? He ain't legit, Resistance ain't out in GMS yet." Well uh, I'm posting MY guide that I used in KMS for my BaM, and is a reasonable one.

    Don't believe me? Fine, whatever. I would link you to the rankings but I haven't logged in for months and the website is slow for me to pull up rankings so I'm not gonna deal with it.

    I'm lazy so I'll just copypasta from my previous guide. And don't be stupid. BaM's use staffs and staffs ONLY. No wands.

    Question: Does Resistance cost NX?
    Answer: No. The WZ files contains drop information about their mastery books.

    LAST UPDATED: December 17, 2010.

    Mecha's Guide to
    1. General Overview (s1)
    2. Training (s2)
    3. Builds
    3.1 1st Job (1job)
    3.2 2nd Job (2job)
    3.3 3rd Job (3job)

    1. General Overview

    Great job choosing a Battle Mage (BaM) as your Resistance character. You'll like them as much as I do. They're just simply unique from other classes.

    A Battle Mage is a mage that uses spells (duh) up in a closer range than the others. As in, some skills mages use have attacks that form out of nowhere or have long range, while Battle Mages do not.

    Please take note that they are not strong during your first experience with them. Once you level them more you'll have way more motivation.

    2. Training

    I format my lists like this:
    - <area/monster> (<level>) @ <map> (<rating>) [Notes]

    The rating determines how good the area is. Obviously, A+ means best, F means worst. If it's bolded, the area is the BEST place to go.

    Don't know where these maps are? Press W and look.

    PLEASE NOTE ALL OF THESE TRAINING LOCATIONS WILL BASICALLY BECOME OBSOLETE ONCE MECHANICS ARE RELEASED. They KS too much, you'll lose more channels than you ever thought than before. No more usual training maps anymore! :3

    Levels 1-10
    - Edelstein quests (before job adv.)

    Levels 15-30
    - Edelstein quests (A+) [There's 2 kinds of quest chains you'll be doing. Just do them both consistenly. You'll hardly see anyone other than Resistance (level 25+ quests are for everyone) here.]

    Levels 30-50
    - Carnival PQ (A+); [This is THE place to go. Amazing EXP. Do TWs, easier. Later agree to Rombot grinding.]
    - CDs (41/42) @ Kerning Square: 7th Floor 8th Floor Area A (A); [Map will be lost forever once Mechanics come out.]

    Levels 50-70
    - sorry no more truckers SADFACE
    - White Pangs (55) @ El Nath: Ice Valley II (A); [Great spawn and EXP. Not as crowded as Truckers, plus a pot shop just in case! Use the Danger VIP Cab.]
    - Drakes (50-60) @ Sleepywood Dungeon (B); [Drakes are good if you can't stand Truckers.]
    - Toy Trojans (57) @ Ludibrium: Cloud/Sky Terrace <5> (B)

    Levels 70-91
    - Twisted Jesters (70) @ Masteria: Haunted Mansion (A+) [Same.]
    - Pirate PQ (A+) [REALLY GOOD contrary to many people. It will become more popular soon... hopefully... just get 3 people.]
    - Iron Mutaes (A)
    - Vikerolas (87) @ Malaysia: Fantasy Theme Park 3 (A-) [Great place to go to during your later 8x levels.]
    - Sand Rats (77) / Scorpions (81) @ Sahel Desert II (A) [Yaay mini-dungeon from Mechs yaay]
    - Mu Lung: STD+WTD (A)

    Levels 91-100
    - Galloperas (94) @ Malaysia: Entrance into the Spooky World (A++); [Good luck getting a ch from the Mechs. Sorry Scanians!]
    - Vikerolas (87) @ Malaysia: Fantasy Theme Park 3 (B)
    - Roids (88) @ Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area C-2 (A)
    - Mu Lung: STD+WTD (A)

    Levels 100-120
    - Galloperas (94) @ Malaysia: Entrance into the Spooky World (A+)
    - Pirates (Kru & Captain) (A)
    - Vikerolas (87) @ Malaysia: Fantasy Theme Park 3 (B)
    - Roids (88) @ Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area C-2 (A)

    Levels 120-140
    - Galloperas (94) @ Malaysia: Entrance into the Spooky World (A)
    - Pirates (Kru & Captain) (A+)
    - Vikings (A)
    * Lionheart's Castle (A++) (when it is released)

    Levels 140-160
    - Pirates (Kru & Captain) (A)
    - Vikings (A+)
    - Galloperas (94) @ Malaysia: Entrance into the Spooky World (B)
    * Lionheart's Castle (A+) (when it is released)

    Levels 160+
    - Temple of Time (B+)
    * Lionheart's Castle (A) (when it is released)

    3. SP Distribution

    3.1 1st Job



    Triple Blow is the only useful skill in first job. Dark Aura next for +10% damage. Teleport for mobility. The Finisher is awful in first job, max it last. YES, you get 5 SP upon beginning. Amazing, right? You max everything!

    Job Advance
    Go back and talk to either Claudine or Brighton (I forgot sorry lol). You must accept her/his quest to defeat Schiller. He's easy I suppose. Beat him down, collect the item he drops, and BOOM! Second job. :3

    3.2 2nd Job



    1 point for an additional hit, making Quad Blow. 1 Dark Chain to pull all mobs together to make it easier. Mastery so you can FINALLY have more damage, consistent damage, and some more critical chance. More damage to Quad Blow since it doesn't stack Triple Blow. Staff Boost to increase speed. Max your two new auras next. It doesn't matter the order just max them. More Dark Chain and dump your 3 SP into Blood Drain.

    Job Advance
    Talk to Claudine/Brighton. Accept quest. Go to Verne Mine. Enter portal. Kill boss. Loot item. Go back to Edelstein. Job advance!!

    3.3 3rd Job



    You'll get a few more helpful skills now. 1 Quintuple for 5 hits, 1 Conversion for +64% HP (better than HB lol), 1 Advanced Dark Chain to increase capabilities even further. Finish Quintuple for more damage. Battle Mastery for more damage. Teleport Mastery for obvious reasons. More ADC. Dark Shock is a VERY powerful attack once maxed. Then your two aura-type skills come next. Since Resistance can't add into previous or save SP, just dump into Summon Reaper Buff. It's horrible. Cost a lot of MP, plus usually fails (7% chance lol). You'll probably use it once in a while but meh, very bad.


    More to be added since I don't want to go through the trouble of Korean stuff. Hope you liked it!! ^_^

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    Interesting guide, i would be using this tmmr when the patch comes out :3

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    Funny, because this guide looks immensely similar to Max's BM guide on EllinForest, with just a few parts rewritten, and the training areas added in. Care to include some proof that you made the entire thing?

    on another note singapore, malaysia and a whole bunch of the maps you mentioned aren't even in kms and you also completely left out leben mines which is a perfectly legit and great training spot

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    They get 3 points after each advancement?


    Quote Originally Posted by kaglover1 View Post
    But now I'm like screw that, I'm skipping to the part where Bella finally combines with Edward

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    What's the normal AP distribution formula?

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    Same as mages, they equip the same gear.
    4 INT 1 LUK.

    Also, I recommend getting a point into Yellow Aura fast. It doesn't add damage, but your damage isn't that great to begin with, and thus your Dark Aura doesn't help a whole lot. Yellow Aura is like SI, but you only have to "activate" it.
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    I'm just LUKless. Might add some in the distant future though.

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    Default Training Spots

    you should another training spot in lvls 60-70. I suggest the Lord Pirates PQ

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    I'd actually do the second and third jobs a lot differently. Still, A for effort unless you actually copied this guide like Poipoi said! Because if you did that then you could just give credit.

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    Moved to Post-Big Bang section.


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