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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexon
    Happy Holidays!

    Nexon is proud to announce that our flagship title, MapleStory, has surpassed one million shoppers in its Cash Shop. We would like to thank all of our shoppers for helping us to achieve this tremendous company and industry milestone. Without your support, Nexon would not be where it is today.

    In the spirit of the season, Nexon will be thanking ALL of our shoppers, from all of our games, past and present, with a gift of NX (details below).

    Nexon will also be rewarding our one millionth shopper and the 10 subsequent shoppers with a special prize. The one millionth shopper of MapleStory will be awarded a grand prize 1,000,000 NX. The 10 subsequent shoppers will be awarded 100,000 NX.*

    Lastly, Nexon will be rewarding our future shoppers as well! If you have never charged NX before, there has never been a better time to join the club! First time NX shoppers who charge between December 17th and December 31st will be awarded a one-time 5,000 NX bonus. This bonus will be credited to your Nexon account during a scheduled maintenance in January.

    Thank you again from all of us at Nexon. We wish a safe and happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

    * If the one-millionth shopper does not claim his or her grand prize by December 23rd, we will give it to the next closest subsequent shopper.
    Who is eligible?

    Anyone that has a Nexon Passport in good standing that has charged a minimum of 5,000 NX at least one time before December 17th, 2010. This reward is not just for MapleStory! NX Shoppers in all of our other games will also receive the reward.
    How much NX will I receive?**

    It's a surprise! The email sent to you will display your reward amount.
    How will I receive my award?

    Nexon will do its best to email NX Cash codes to all eligible customers. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of emails we need to send (we have over a million people to reward), your email could potentially be blocked by your email provider, put into your SPAM folder, or simply take a long time to get to you. Please check your inbox and spam folders during the next two weeks.
    I'm eligible, but I haven't received an email?

    We thank you in advance for being patient. You should receive your email in your inbox or spam folders during the next two weeks. Unfortunately, not all emails will make it through your email provider. Due to the unreliability of email, we will also be doing a login check to grant the award. To ensure your reward, please make sure to login at least one time between now and December 31st. In January, we will check our logs for eligible players that have not claimed their reward. Those players will receive their reward during a scheduled maintenance in the beginning of January 2011. We highly recommend adding "" to your address book to increase the chance of delivery.
    What email address will Nexon be sending the rewards from?

    Please check your inbox for an email from We highly recommend adding "" to your address book to increase the chance of delivery.
    Do the reward NX Codes expire?

    Yes. You must claim your reward by December 31st, 2010. If you did not receive your NX Code by email, please make sure to log in at least one time between now and December 31st. Nexon will credit your account with your reward NX in January during a scheduled maintenance.
    I purchased NX for the first time after December 16th, 2010. Do I qualify for the NX rewards?

    No, but you do qualify for a one-time bonus of 5,000 NX! This bonus reward will be credited to your account sometime in January during a scheduled maintenance. Thank you for your patience!

    ** This gift has no cash value, and cannot be used to purchase anything outside of games on

    not so much worried about getting the 1m/100k, but rather for the cashback thing, since i know a threw a few hundred dollars to nexon over the past 5 years

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    hey look i'm getting a 5k bonus since i bought nx yesterday


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    If I MTS stuff, does it count?
    by Cryopon

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    you get the nx back if you charged at any time before the 17th, even if it was like 3 years ago

    the 5k bonus is only given if you've never charged nx on that account

    and no, mts is for scrubs, it only applies to charged nx

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