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Thread: Gunslinger Guide - Post BB.

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    Default Gunslinger Guide - Post BB.

    Just going to make a quick guide for anyone playing Gunslingers/Outlaws/Corsairs after Big Bang.
    Long intro, etc.

    Training spots:
    Just train wherever monsters have the same level as you. Those are usually the only places worth training at, but at the end of the SP guide I'll post where I trained.

    AP guide:
    Generally you want your TOTAL STR to equal your level in order to equip gear. Therefore, a level 60 gun needs 60 STR. The rest of your stats should be in DEX.
    I recommend the MOST you put into STR is 80, as a Zakum Helmet and other STR gear is relatively easy to get by 120. Personally I'm capping at 30 with a +1 Horntail Necklace as well as a bunch of other gear.
    Remember to include potentials in calculating STR caps!

    SP guide:
    This isn't going to be level by level, as that takes too long and Gunslingers don't require anything fancy. It's all "max this, max that", so here goes!

    1st job:
    Max Double Fire
    Max Dash
    Max Bullet Time
    11 Somersault Kick

    2nd job:
    Max Mastery
    6 Booster
    Max Invisible Shot
    5 Wings
    1 Recoil Shot
    Max Critical
    Max Booster
    Max Recoil Shot
    Max Wings
    Max Blank Shot
    1 Grenade

    3rd job:
    1 Burst Fire
    2 Flamethrower, 1 Ice Splitter (Macro them)
    5 Flamethrower
    5 Ice Splitter
    10 Flamethrower
    10 Ice Splitter
    15 Flamethrower
    15 Ice Splitter
    Max Flamethrower
    Max Ice Splitter
    Max Dice Roll
    Max Octopus
    Max Burst Fire
    21 Gaviota
    Max Homing Beacon

    4th job
    Some things to note:



    Where I trained until now;
    1~10 - Maple Island
    11~22 - Blue Ribbon Pigs
    23~30 - Mixed Golems
    30~37 - Mushroom Kingdom Quests/Spear Pepe
    37~43 - Upper Level Kerning City Square monsters (Mannequins, CDs)
    44~70 - Truckers. Except they got nerfed, so go find somewhere else to train.
    70~75 - Twisted Jesters. It was horrible, don't go there early on, I recommend the next spot;
    75~83 - Monsters in Leben Mine. That's in Edelstein, btw.
    83~88 - Iron Mutae (Magatia)
    88~95 - C-2 (Magatia)
    95~99 - Sage Cats (Mu Lung)
    99~112 - Kru/Captains (Herb Town)
    112~114 - Death Teddies
    114~121 - Dual Ghost Pirates <You can start soloing Papulatus at 121 assuming you have Cannon and RF at that point>
    121~125 - Gigantic Spirit Vikings
    125~127 - Grim Phantom Watch, Gigantic Spirit Vikings
    127~128 - Blue Dragon Turtles
    128~130 - Red Dragon Turtles
    130~132 - Pap solos (took a week or so)
    132~135 - Brextons
    135+ - Lionheart Castle!
    Ignore pretty much everything from 120~135 after Lionheart Castle. You should really be headed there with a full party.
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    Pretty good quick little guide!

    My only suggestion at first glance would be for when you do your 4th job advancement ignore Rapid Fire. You'll only be using it when you're out of your battleship, which should be as little as possible.

    So 1 Battleship, 1 Battleship Cannon, and 1 Battleship Torpedo would be my suggestion.

    I'm also planning on doing a rather in depth guide at some point, so if yah have any suggestions or questions let me know :D
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    I'm going to assume you don't really use RF a lot?
    I thought you'd use it when you're off your Ship/whenever it breaks. I'm planning on jumping right into "small" bossing at 130 right until around 150 or so, when I'll be able to do "big" bosses.
    Though, from what I've seen on Wild Arrow Blast on my WH it would rhape ammo.

    But thanks for the suggestion, I've switched my 4th job Build - I'll get 1 Rapid Fire at 121, and then max it after my other "main" bossing skills, like Cannon, Ship, and Bullseye.


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    Great guide! I am currently lvl 10x... very boring. Captains is NOT fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by PistolPanic View Post
    Great guide! I am currently lvl 10x... very boring. Captains is NOT fun
    Yes I know. Levels 100~120 are the most brutal levels on an Outlaw, but once you get to 120 it's alot of fun!


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    Nice guide, question when or why not did you include leafre newties? they cover bottom row well from what i heard, similiar to bm/mm roles. why not newts? or peak splits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AncientHero View Post
    Nice guide, question when or why not did you include leafre newties? they cover bottom row well from what i heard, similiar to bm/mm roles. why not newts? or peak splits?
    After BB (which every important version has), Newties are 145 and Nesties are 150. No one trains there anymore. Even if you avoid plan to avoid LHC, it's mediocre at best.


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    but what if you are a UA outlaw? so with shark wave, you could be possible to train to 100 in mp3, since you'll have a huge reach withouth using bullets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NajiYaiba View Post
    but what if you are a UA outlaw? so with shark wave, you could be possible to train to 100 in mp3, since you'll have a huge reach withouth using bullets.
    Certainly a possibility. Flamethrower does extra damage at MP3 as well. Same rules apply though; Sharkwave works pretty similarly in terms of AoE skill as FT and IS. All of them shoot forward, have good mobbing capabilities and have decent range. If you feel like you will be using SW exclusively, feel free to get FT/IS last, though I seriously don't recommend it. I would at least get IS maxed soon, for the freezing effect.


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    Default reply

    Ok, i did it in this order, thanks to shark wave training to lvl 88 was easy. no trouble at all. after i maxed out Cube, ik maxed flame first, flame is good for the flaming effect, which does around 4 K on selkies around lvl 90-95, IS is something i maxed right after flamethrower. it actually works more easy that way, since you have SW and will only take bottom because of the long reach, if you even kill correctly untill lvl 101-103 you can go to Mr anchors like i did, i trained 4 lvls there to 107, from 107 you can go to duals but i do not reccomend that though, they do to much Dmg and since Outlaw has low HP and duals cannot be frozen it has no use. what i reccomend, it depends on you Dmg range ofc, mines 5 K because i have a lvl 110 dragon gun with exelent potential and 9 times scrolled with miracle scrolls (what we have in Europe.) so getting great equips is possible, it only costs alot of mesos. so personally i would recommend something else then Duals, since you need a Snipe spot if you are a UA, so something like Zombies would be great, they drop the reverse gun recipe as well, so that's either more mesos to fund a great weapon, or to make your own great weapon. and with zombies i mean Coolie zombie, after you get to 110 i reccomend you go to LHC, leech, attack do whatever you want. since you can go there since lvl 110 with 50 fame, i also reccomend to do the Fame quests first, i personally always take, Eliza's Rage, Defeat Tae Roon, and eliminate Sage cat, which gives 52 fame intotal, and take around 2 hours to complete. if you do it around lvl 100, with homing beacon at 5 it's easy to win the battle against tae roon and sage cat, just target only them, Flame then and then shoot with all your might (if your an UA i do not reccomend using SW, it's easy to get more attention towards you from the oponents, with sage cat it's better if 1 or 2 hits you all the time, then you can keep firing untill sage cat is dead. but tae roon is another story. I haven't quite figured what mob i should take for 107-110, but you can always go to Captains, not kru's but captains (the hidden map inside of the Kru/Captains map) and also its better to have alot of mesos around, since Outlaw is seriously expensive, i myself own 8 X lvl 70 bullets because the bullets are so expensive, even 3 M for bullets, is already to much, considering you can get lvl 130 bullets from item making. just find the recipe and create them yourself or let a friend create them.) and now for the main issue, At corsair, which i have being thinking, wouldn't it be better to max battleship first and then go for torpedo? i mean, More defence and more HP is better to be an attacker at LHC right? but i've being typing to much, i think i better create a special UA Gunslinger - Corsair Guide soon, since that will be more easy to understand, But i must say, your guide has helped me untill this point. thank you for that.

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