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Thread: Gunslinger To Outlaw Guide - Post-bb

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    Default Gunslinger To Outlaw Guide - Post-bb

    Work in progress

    ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-Post-bb Gunslinger to Outlaw Guide-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

    Table Of Contents

    I. Intoductions
    II. My Opinion On Gunslingers
    III. Gunslinger Summary
    IV. Gunslinger Builds
    1) Pirate
    2) Gunslinger
    i) Invisible Shot Build
    ii) Support Build(?)
    3) Outlaw - in progress
    V. Gunslinger Training Grounds
    VI. Detailed Training Grounds


    I. Introduction

    Maplestory has become a new world, thrown into chaos by the Black Wings. With their dark magic and ill intentions, they have thrown the lands into turmoil; or so they think. Yes, they have reshaped the balance of power within the classes. Yes, they have sculpted new lands and reshaped old ones. Yes, somehow they have even reshaped the experience curve! Yet, with all this power and change, they haven’t assured their master’s dominance because they have failed to do one thing: weaken his opponents.
    Thanks to the Big Bang, Gunslingers have made enormous strides in terms of playability and power. They are no longer the weak class of the first and second job that only truly dedicated people can struggle through. Instead, they have become one of the most powerful classes throughout all four jobs. Maple Story’s big bang has increased their power while maintaining their rapid firing abilities. A round of applause for the Black Wings!
    Gunslingers didn’t receive many new skills from the dark magic that spread throughout the Maple World. Looking back, however, they didn’t really need new skills. They already had high-speed, rapid-firing guns that spewed out damage at an incredibly high rate, and with the addition of increased damage, gunslingers have become a force to be reckoned with in all four jobs.
    To those thinking about becoming a gunslinger, I must give a word of warning. When choosing a class, you should never go on the word of others. What may work for one person will not necessarily work for you. Each class has its own characteristics and you need to find the one that fits you. I would definitely recommend playing a couple classes out and seeing what you like best. It took me thirteen classes before I figured out my personal class (I have yet to play the Wild Hunter, Crossbowman, or Page) and the one I that fits me best isn’t perfect. Each person’s style is different. I definitely encourage you to try out the gunslinger. It is, in my opinion, one of the most versatile classes out there.


    II. My Opinion On Gunslingers

    Gunslingers used to be two things: Fast and weak. However, with the changes of the Big Bang, they are now a combination of speed and power. Their main strength comes from overwhelming enemies with rapid successions of attacks, however they now can accompany that with good damage. Keep in mind, however, that gunslingers will next to never be doing the same damage number-wise as the single-hit classes such as warriors. Although you may be doing the same damage over time, you’ll never see a number as large as theirs in a single hit. Another point to make is the fact that Gunslingers do not get a stable 6-mob attack in the first 3 jobs. This does limit its mobbing ability a bit, however I believe that it is more than made up with the attacking speed of the slinger.
    The Gunslingers are also one of the more diverse classes. The variety of attacks available greatly assists in staving boredom. Although the main move used to train stays relatively the same from 1-50, 50-70, and 70-120, the various supporting moves you receive adds spice to an otherwise dull recipe. Each move in the Gunslinger’s repertoire is useful sometime or another. The sad part is, you won’t necessarily be able to use all your moves to their fullest potential due to the limited amount of SP points available.
    In many ways, Gunslingers are like Chief Bandits or Arans. Their diverse move set requires constant chaining of moves in order to maximize potential. What separates those classes from the Gunslinger though, is the fact that the Gunslinger’s combinations usually revolve around specific moves. Flamethrower and Ice Spitter, Double Shot and Recoil Shot, Flamethrower and Grenade, these combinations are often spammed and reused a lot. Many of the other skills received are just supplements to your incredibly effective abilities.


    III. Gunslinger Summary

    - Rapid Attacks
    - High Damage Per Minute But Low Single Hit Damage
    - Powerful At Higher Levels
    - Cool And Flashy Skills (f3)
    - Good Mobility (Moves Around The Map Well)
    - Lacks A Good, Stable Mobbing Skill Until Third Job


    IV. Gunslinger Builds

    1. Pirate

    Level 10: +1 Double Shot (1)
    Level 11: +1 Sommersault Kick (1) +1 Flash Fist (1) +1 Double Shot (2)
    Level 12: +3 Double Shot (5)
    Level 13: +3 Double Shot (8)
    Level 14: +3 Double Shot (11)
    Level 15: +3 Double Shot (14)
    Level 16: +3 Double Shot (17)
    Level 17: +3 Double Shot (Max)
    Level 18: +3 Bullet Time (3)
    Level 19: +3 Bullet Time (6)
    Level 20: +3 Bullet Time (9)
    Level 21: +3 Bullet Time (12)
    Level 22: +3 Bullet Time (15)
    Level 23: +3 Bullet Time (18)
    Level 24: +2 Bullet Time (20) +1 Dash (1)
    Level 25: +3 Dash (4)
    Level 26: +3 Dash (7)
    Level 27: +3 Dash (10)
    Level 28: +3 Sommersault Kick (4)
    Level 29: +3 Sommersault Kick (7)
    Level 30: +3 Sommersault Kick (10)

    In all honesty, you can max Bullet Time, Double Shot, and Dash at any time you wish; as long as you get 1 in double shot at level 10 you’re good. I have justifications for this build though, so listen up!

    - First you need an attack. Your only choice as a Gunslinger? Double Shot.
    - Second, we put some early points in some finishing skills. Lets say you have a mob that you’ve been peppering your double shots into, instead of wasting more shots to finish them off, you run up to them and Sommersault Kick, boom they’re gone. (Sommersault Kick is completely optional).
    - Flash Fist is merely for the early Training Center quests. Extra 600 experience.
    - Next you go back to maxing Double Shot for increased damage. Potions are no longer an issue since lower leveled monsters have an extremely high potion drop rate.
    - After Double Shot is maxed, you work on Bullet Time in order to increase your accuracy and avoid. In order to successfully train at Mixed Golems at level 20, you need as much accuracy as you can get.
    - Dash is maxed next in order to gain increased mobility. Helps you move from place to place faster. I will say that it doesn’t really help in training all that much in later levels.
    - Sommersault Kick is the only legitimate thing left to level after every main slinger skill has been maxed. Easy lower leveled monster mob killing.

    2. Gunslinger

    There are two builds for Gunslingers. The first, the invisible shot build, is the most common and is the standard for 2nd Job Gunslingers.

    i. Invisible Shot Build

    Level 30: +1 Invisible Shot (1)
    Level 31: +3 Gun Mastery (3)
    Level 32: +2 Gun Mastery (5) +1 Gun Booster (1)
    Level 33: +3 Gun Booster (4)
    Level 34: +3 Gun Mastery (8)
    Level 35: +3 Gun Mastery (11)
    Level 36: +3 Gun Mastery (14)
    Level 37: +3 Gun Mastery (17)
    Level 38: +3 Gun Mastery (Maxed)
    Level 39: +3 Invisible Shot (4)
    Level 40: +3 Invisible Shot (7)
    Level 41: +3 Invisible Shot (10)
    Level 42: +3 Invisible Shot (13)
    Level 43: +3 Invisible Shot (16)
    Level 44: +3 Invisible Shot (19)
    Level 45: +1 Invisible Shot (Maxed), +2 Critical Shot (2)
    Level 46: +3 Critical Shot (5)
    Level 47: +3 Critical Shot (8)
    Level 48: +2 Critical Shot (Maxed) +1 Wings (1)
    Level 49: +3 Wings (4)
    Level 50: +1 Wings (5) +2 Recoil Shot (2)
    Level 51: +3 Recoil Shot (5)
    Level 52: +3 Recoil Shot (8)
    Level 53: +3 Recoil Shot (11)
    Level 54: +3 Recoil Shot (14)
    Level 55: +3 Recoil Shot (17)
    Level 56: +3 Recoil Shot (20)
    Level 57: +1 Gun Booster (5) +2 Wings (7)
    Level 58: +3 Wings (Maxed)
    Level 59: +3 Gun Booster (8)
    Level 60: +3 Gun Booster (11)
    Level 61: +3 Gun Booster (14)
    Level 62: +3 Gun Booster (17)
    Level 63: +3 Gun Booster (Maxed)
    Level 64: +3 Blank Shot (3)
    Level 65: +3 Blank Shot (6)
    Level 66: +3 Blank Shot (9)
    Level 67: +3 Blank Shot (12)
    Level 68: +3 Blank Shot (15)
    Level 69: +3 Blank Shot (18)
    Level 70: +2 Blank Shot (Maxed) +1 Grenade

    Once again, pretty much a straight-forward build. You can choose between Blank Shot and Grenade. Both have their limited uses in 3rd job. Also, you can choose to max blankshot/grenade immediately after wings and max gun booster later if you choose. I personally can’t stand casting booster every 40 seconds =).

    - First point, once again, is added into Invisible Shot, your main offensive skill of 2nd job.
    - Secondly, we put 5 points in gun mastery in order to fulfill the prerequisites for Gun Booster.
    - Next 4 points are allocated into Gun Booster in order to increase your attacking, and therefore training, speed. Some people choose to put 6 into Gun Booster in order to have it last a full minute. The small downside to this would be getting recoil shot one level later. It’s your choice.
    - After we get the four points into Gun Booster, we proceed to max out Gun Mastery. Gun Mastery brings up your damage overall and allows you to carry around more bullets, a definite must for long spans of training. I personally carried around 5 bullet sets and found myself recharging a lot, even with maxed Mastery.
    - After Mastery has been maxed, we turn back to Invisible Shot. Invisible Shot comes before critical because it provides an immediate damage boost. The higher damage you do, the faster you train.
    Quote Originally Posted by emailbox View Post
    … You need Invisible Shot to level up. At max it does roughly the same damage as Ice Splitter, minus the Freeze effect.
    - Next we increase your mobility to assist you with training and moving between training grounds. 5 points into Wings before maxing Recoil Shot. Recoil Shot is one of my favorite moves of all classes. It has so many functions: it can allow you to move away from mobs without turning around, it allows you to move across the map quickly in order to cover all mobs, it helps you travel around the world, it helps you adjust your spring course (in the chimney), etc.
    - Max Wings next. Make a macro with the skills [Wings, Recoil Shot, Wings]. This macro helps you move around from place to place quickly (Outside of training. When training, just use recoil). Face the opposite direction you want to go and then hold down your macro.
    - Next, max Gun Booster for a longer attack speed boost. That one random point in Gun Booster earlier is to give you 10 extra seconds of boost earlier. Wings is still going to be maxed at the same level so you might as well benefit from 10 extra seconds.
    - From level 64 on you can choose between which skills you want to max. The old standard build is max Blank Shot. I personally went Max Grenade. Look below for the pros and cons of each.

    To Be Added

    V. Gunslinger Training Grounds

    Level 1-10 ~ Maple Island Quest. Finish All!
    Level 10-20 ~ Class Specific Quests, Training Center Quests, Blue Ribbon Pigs (Right of Nautilus), Henesys Party Quest
    Level 20-25 ~ Blue Ribbon Pigs, Mixed Stone Golems Mini-Dungeon, Class Hat Quests, Kerning Party Quest
    Level 25-30 ~ Mixed Stone Golems Mini-Dungeon, Zombie Lupins, Kerning Party Quest
    Level 30-35 ~ Mushroom Kingdom Quests, Helmet Pepes, Carnival Party Quest 1,
    Level 35-40 ~ Carnival Party Quest 1, Helmet Pepes
    Level 40-45 ~ Carnival Party Quest 1, CDs
    Level 45-50 ~ Carnival Party Quest 1, CDs, Truckers, Dead Crows
    Level 50-60 ~ Truckers, Trojans, Dead Crow, Drakes, Oly Oly,
    Level 60-70 ~ Robos, Mateons, Plateons, Gppq (Ghost Pirate Pq)
    Level 70-80 ~ Twisted Jesters, Gppq, Sand Rats
    Level 80-90 ~ Twisted Jesters, Sand Rats, Iron Mutae, Roids, Hoblin PQ (?)


    VI. To Be Added

    Work In Progress
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    Hey, great start for a guide, I'm using this and comparing it with Emailbox's guide to level my slinger. I'm just curious, if I wanted to add grenade, would I replace blank shot?

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    Originally, I was thinking that grenade would replace the maxing of invisible shot because invisible shot is completely replaced at higher levels by flamethrower/ice spitter. Now that I've hit level 7x though, I find myself hardly using Blank Shot (probably because it's level one). It really depends on your preference. Blank Shot + Grenade is a more supportive build, helping you out in various situations in 3rd class. Invisible Shot + Grenade is more of an offensive build. I did try this out and find myself occasionally using invisible shot while my flamethrower + ice spitter only mobs 2. I love grenade because jesters have high hp and it helps my dpm since I can't just kill them off.

    Conclusion -> Blank Shot + Grenade = Support
    Invisible Shot + Grenade = Offensive
    RangedMint ~ 200 BowMaster <3 ~ Kradia
    Maplestory Goals
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    No you need Invisible Shot to level up. At max it does roughly the same damage as Ice Splitter, minus the Freeze effect.
    You replace Blank Shot with Grenade if you want Grenade. Why? Because Blank Shot is pretty much garbage. It only hits 3 monsters and it STUNS, which is useless if you're ever partying with other people. I put points into Blank because I don't use either Blank nor Grenade. In fact, I have 2 points into 'Nade and 19 into Blank Shot and it doesn't affect me at all. This is because ALL your attacking moves are replaced in 3rd job with the Ice Splitter/Flamethrower combo. You need those maxed ASAP in order to maximize training speed.

    Invisible Shot is a MUST (and early on as well) and you can take your pick between Grenade/Blank Shot. Either way they're being maxed late and are ultimately useless.

    Also if you're training at Jesters, you're doing it wrong. GL finding a channel for Jesters, ever. If you go 70-90 at Jesters, you'll **** yourself over and will most likely quit once you leave, as everything (EVERYTHING) else is much much much slower than Jesters and deal 100x more damage.
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    Hi guys! Am playing my Gunslinger at the moment..

    After the big bang. what is the detailed update on Gunslinger to Captain?

    - is there any new skills, critical applies or damage is increased by.. etc?

    Another question is that, am playing MapleSEA.. After the Big Bang, will captain do the most damage comparing to all jobs with same equipment stats? Or there is another job which deals the most DPM (Damage Per Minute)?

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    Corsairs, ie, Captains, are probably the #1 DPM class before and after Big Bang due to a number of factors, but mostly because they have superior 1v1 damage output. (Pretty bad mobbing though).


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    i have always thought that marksman are the best 1 v 1 player..

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    With the exception of Battleship Torpedo and Airstrike, every single Corsair skill was made for higher 1v1 damage.
    1. Battleship Cannon, +20% crit rate when using it, attacks 1 monster 4 (?) times.
    2. Bullseye, +20% damage to monster (1).
    3. Octopus, Attacks 1 enemy.
    4. Rapid Fire, super fast attack speed to 1 monster.

    Marksmen are good 1v1 but Pierce is a great mobbing skill that actually increases in damage through multiple mobs. Also they get many more mobbing skills in 3rd job, etc, and don't have a true 1v1 attack (they use an upgraded Strafe in 4th job as their main 1v1 DPS).


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    I compared MapleGlobal with MapleSEA.. MapleSEA does not have any critical damages..

    Looking for high damaging output hero to train on..
    Am confused if i should train up gunslinger or crossbowman now..

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinotakashi View Post
    I compared MapleGlobal with MapleSEA.. MapleSEA does not have any critical damages..

    Looking for high damaging output hero to train on..
    Am confused if i should train up gunslinger or crossbowman now..
    You're pre-Big Bang now. When Big Bang comes around, Corsairs recieve a big boost.


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