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Thread: Flash Jump or Tornado

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    Default Flash Jump or Tornado

    I'm level 56 now and one guide says max out Flash Jump followed by Dark sight and another says to add lv 56 SP to tornado??

    Is it due to the importance of being able to jump farther to get better effects with flying assaulter and bloody storm/tornado??

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    Tornado Spin as a stand-alone skill won't get you anywhere, it's too much of an MP cost to actually dash and use the attack, nor is it very effective IMO. Flash Jump is much more useful than Tornado Spin for travelling, and level 1 TSpin is all you'll use for Rushing while Triple Stab is still your main skill.

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    Tornadoes are one of the most destructive and dangerous natural phenomena. This is a fast atmospheric vortex that forms a rotating column of air connecting the earth's surface with a cumulus cloud. The wind currents that make up a tornado rotate at breakneck speed. It is impossible to measure it accurately, but it can exceed 800 mph, according to some estimates. This is three times the speed of a hurricane wind ever recorded on our planet. A tornado carries an incredible amount of energy – its volume can be compared to what is released when a medium-power nuclear bomb explodes. It is not surprising that this natural phenomenon is so destructive and carries a lot of consequences, which are described here

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