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Thread: Wild Hunter Needs Help!

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    Default Wild Hunter Needs Help!

    I am a Level 51 Wild Hunter, but i can find any places or quest that give me good exp to level. I am just tying to level my guy because lately a been not worrying about the armor my character has. Can anyone help me with quest or place that give good exp, maybe items like crossbows and fame. At
    Level 51-60
    Level 61-70
    Level 71-80
    Level 81-90
    Level 91-100
    Level 101-110
    Level 111-120

    And the best place for leveling Level 120+

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    Just train stuff around your level. Then again, I trained from late 4x - early 6x at the pre-nerfed truckers... so I really can't say much about that...

    51-60 drakes are pretty good. You can try dead scarecrows in NLC mansion

    61-70 Uhh... Drakes or dead scarecrows for early 6x, Ludi or Omega Sector for mid 6x... If you can, Jesters mid 6x to 7x at the smaller map (not many know of this map). If jesters don't work, then a possibility of going to Windraiders would be viable, due to the fact that the exchange quest hasn't been nerfed at all.

    71-80 Jesters, or Windraiders

    80-90 Ariant/Magatia. low 8x at Scorpions/Sand Rats. Mid 8x to 9x at Roids.

    91-100 Roids... or Sage Cats in Mu Lung

    10x-11x - Probably Captains/Kru in Mu Lung.

    From then point on... No clue.

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    Yea, 51 was about the point I quit my Wild Hunter. I got the weapon bonus and everything, and maxed it out grinding in CPQ. Then the CPQ2 not only was infested with clueless people (not to mention there weren't enough anyway) who didn't know how to lead, but they still haven't bothered making the experience decent, or giving the losers okay compensation despite BB. So you're stuck either doing the early quit thing when someone hits rank A, or nothing for several hours. Balrog PQ would be tolerable if clerics were in there (pot usage is kinda steep otherwise), but because they can't hit, they've been told they're useless. I tried Dojo PQ but wasn't quite up to snuff to be beat Alishar, so it was super-slow. Then I tried Nett's Pyramid, and actually LOST exp (along with about all the pots I'd earned). Sleepy Dungeon is okay, but repotting is hard because you either go to the 24-hour thing (which doesn't sell normal pots), or you have to shell out 499 per entry to buy pots at the inn (which btw didn't seem to work faster on MP, just HP).

    I restarted with a warrior, planning to make a Crusader, since they at least have Improved MP Recovery. It'll likely be the same deal at level 51 though. CPQ kinda gets you used to not grinding, then you have a rude awakening at level 51, and don't know where to go.

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    do jesters 65-85, or till 90 its great

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    Water Goblins during the late 50s is incredible. Even though mansion mobs may have a better HP:Exp ratio, the map style at Goblins is perfect for WH. You run back and forth and hold down Ricochet. You can do the same thing in the mid 40s at the map before. It has the same type of setup, but with different mobs.

    Also, armor doesn't matter unless it gives stats. I have nearly 3.5k magic defense and hardly notice a difference in magic damage. Instead of taking 100 damage, you'll take maybe....90 damage with full normal lvl armor. It's just not worth it. Grab a 100%ed dex bathrobe and be fine.


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