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Thread: A question about blessing of the fairy

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    Default A question about blessing of the fairy

    If i delete the advevnurer that my cygnus knight is attached to and start a new one will blessing of the fairy change to benefit the new character?

    I ask because when i first started I made an evan got to lvl 25 disliked it a lot and changed to make a Cygnus knight instead obv i do want to go back and make an adventurer at some point and i don't want to be stuck carrying on making an Evan!

    If anyone knows the answer i would greatly appreciate it

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    You won't have to worry too much if it's only level two...

    At any rate if you delete your highest level character all other character's BoF will be effected and will then run off the next highest level. The new highest level character would get the BoF level dependent on your next lowest level. I hope this has helped a bit.

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    cool, was just worried that those 2 characters were permanently linked and when i make a new adventurer they would be without any blessing/not provided any to my KoC.
    is good to know that it just goes of the highest level character.

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