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    Okay how the hell does this thing work.
    It says it gives you an extra +600 HP, but it has durability?
    So when you take damage is it like Magic Guard where a portion gets dealt to durability and a portion to your HP, or does your Ship just tank the whole hit?
    Or neither and you take the hit, but the Ship's durability goes down anyway?

    I'm pretty sure HSdatabase got mixed up between post-BB and post-Reorganization, but a little clarity on this?
    I mean, as of now.


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    The ship has its own "HP bar" that you can't really see. When the ship's HP runs out, it breaks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesiqurasa View Post
    The ship has its own "HP bar" that you can't really see. When the ship's HP runs out, it breaks.
    So what's up with the +600 HP? Is that for post-Reorganization?
    I know they get rid of durability after the RO patch, but yeah.


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    In the Reorganization patch, first cooldown is removed and second patch durability is removed.
    The +600 health is your ships health. I think it goes up 1000 per point in the skill (don't quote me on this) as well as 5000 per level up.
    After Reorganization, it can tank for you as no matter how much it takes, it won't break. Although people could just be invincible on the battleship? Perhaps?
    We'll see.

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    Confused about the durability of the ship, when I was lv 120 with ship lv 1, it died after taking roughly about 6.6k damage, now I'm tanking (accidentally, of course) gigantic spirit vikings for alot more damage. I think Kami is somewhat right about durability but does anyone know exactly how much? Or is Kami already spot on?

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    Durability exists apart from your HP.
    Durability = 5000 x Skill level + 3000 x (level - 120)
    The ship when maxed gives you +700 HP to your base HP, this has nothing to do with durability.
    When you take damage, your HP goes down and the durability of your ship goes down. You cannot recover durability until your ship breaks, then your ship goes on cool down and once the cooldown is finished your ship has max durability again. You still take HP damage.

    Post chaos durability is removed; this just means there is no more cooldown for ship.


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    Skills should be worded better. :|

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    Quote Originally Posted by blankaex View Post
    Skills should be worded better. :|
    Dude, cut it out. Another completed thread and you offer nothing of value.

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