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Thread: Not really a fanfic.

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    Default Not really a fanfic.

    But I get bored and like to write stories, mostly short, sometimes long. Never finish the long ones though.
    I'm mostly a satirical writer and use heavy sarcasm, etc. Feel free to have a read;
    (No title) - Long story (maybe)

    To be continued, maybe. I don't write in chapters, I write until my eyes get tired.

    e; =[ I type in MSWord so my formatting screws up sometimes.
    and @FailGunMaster - Sorry if my gun choices make you cringe.
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    Not bad, not bad. I suppose your current mained Outlaw is not having an influence on this.
    It's pretty good. Not much flaws 'bout it.

    Oh, and we don't really care whether a story here is fiction or fanfiction. It'll just be better if it's a good story. And if you ask me, few good stories can be written along the Maplestory 'line'.
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    Well I decided to continue it.

    End chapter one.

    Forgive me if I put in improper tenses. I think I should've just written in the past tense, but it's too late now.

    Still no title. I have a general idea of where the story is going, I'm just working out details.


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    I think it's wonderful. I would name it good shot (random), but that's just me. It's like james bond as a kid + mafia + tea.

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    Chapter two.

    Still incomplete. Haven't worked on it since last week, might pick up the rest of the chapter later this week.


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