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    Default Dissonant Mana

    Well after much debate I decided to post the story I've been writing. It's based in before Big Bang era for now just to clear up confusion... And because I'm too lazy to edit 30+ pages of my work.

    The title is probably bad but eh... Sue me. I didn't try to think of a title until recently.
    Chapter 1

    Damned Mondays… Why won’t you start later?

    I rolled out of bed, still half asleep, bags hanging under my eyes, and lazily dragged myself to the bathroom. The cold water I splashed in my face woke me from my half sleep trance and as I stared at myself in the mirror I began to think about what the day had in store for me.

    I’m going to meet with Athena today. Today is the day I become an archer.

    My name is Omar. No, I do not have a last name or a middle name, just Omar. I never knew nor have I cared about having a last name. Almost no one I knew had one so I don’t think I’m missing out on anything special.

    Anyways, I am eleven years old at this time and level ten so I am officially old enough to earn Athena Pierce’s blessing and become an archer.

    I’ve always wanted to be an archer. Warriors are too rough and I don’t want to go right in front of the enemies and get pummeled into a pulp. Mages are as smart as brain surgeons, but I don’t want to cover my face in books forever, that’s boring. Thieves, well I never had a taste for thieves. Jumping around with their small daggers or their throwing stars, it’s just not my style. Pirates are just weird to me. Most of them look like the bums you see on the curb with a foam cup full of change and a sign with gibberish written all over it.

    Archers… Archers are so cool. I see them with their magnificent bows and cool armor, they are so insanely awesome!

    My brother, Mike, became a fighter and he’s level fifty now, the highest leveled person I know. I don’t know why he became a fighter though; I never liked the close combat deal. He always talked about how powerful fighters become and how they can defeat even the strongest of enemies in one swift attack. The look on his face was full of pride and accomplishment when he came back with that huge axe and his armor already dirty from his training. He is amazingly skilled and levels incredibly fast when he really tries to and I sort of envy him a little. Well enough about me and my family, time to become an archer!

    I jumped out of my house, took a deep breath of fresh air, and sprinted towards the Henesys Park and Athena’s tree house. The fragrance of flowers in the park invigorated me as I dashed towards her tree home. Oh how I love Athena’s home. It was tall, covered with flowers of all sorts from around the globe, smelled wonderful, and above all else, it is the only house here that is in a tree. I always wanted to live in a tree house like that.

    I reached her doorstep, took one last deep breath, and slowly walked into Athena’s home. I was nervous and sweat was already collecting on my forehead. Above me I heard a voice call to me, “come on up.” I walked up the stairs, counting every step, and saw her, Athena Pierce, in all of her bow master glory. She was a beautiful woman who appeared to be no older than thirty. Her long blonde hair, with the tips of a pair of pointed ears poking out of them, went all the way down to her hips and lay on her back. She was writing something down on a sheet of paper when she noticed me and glanced at me with her blue eyes. “What can I do for you?” she asked.

    “Umm… I… I want to become an archer!” I managed to mutter.

    “You want to be an archer?” she said with an almost condescending tone as she investigated me from top to bottom.

    My cheeks flushed and I managed to utter, “Yes, I want to be an archer!”

    A small smile appeared on her face. “Very well, then. Come here.”

    I walked towards her slowly and she took my hand and held it tightly. I heard her whisper an incantation that I couldn’t comprehend then suddenly a bright burst of light appeared all around me, blinding me for a second.
    When the light faded I saw my hand glow for a few seconds then stop, leaving a strange mark on it. “Congratulations,” she announced and handed me a green book that read Skills for Beginning Archers, “from here on, you are now an archer.”

    “Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I spurted out happily with the book tightly gripped in my hands.

    “Well good luck young archer, I’m sure you will be a great ranger one day.”

    Ranger… The words swam threw my head. Me… A ranger… That sure is something.
    I noticed Athena was looking at me strangely, but all I could say was, “Umm… Thank you Athena!” and ran back toward the front door.
    I jumped out of Athena’s tree home and sprinted towards the Henesys weapons and armor store and used what little money I had received from Michael to buy a new war bow, a quiver of arrows, and a set of green archer armor.

    This hat is a little funny, but the clothes and the bow aren’t that bad,
    I thought when I looked at myself in the mirror. I sold my old sword for a small sum of mesos and ran out.

    Okay… So if I pull the string like this...
    I nocked an arrow to my string and pulled back. I think I pulled too hard because the string snapped and whipped me on my cheek. A few small drops of blood tricked down my cheek while I tied a new bow string on. This time I was more careful and pulled lighter. I released the arrow and saw it fly a few dozen feet away and land on the ground.

    I need to work more on my control so I can shoot further without the string snapping.

    I pulled out the small book that Athena gave me. Eye of the Amazon… Critical Shot… Focus… Oh! Let’s try this one!

    I nocked another arrow to my bow string and aimed it at a passing red snail. I began to let the magic suffuse me and released the arrow.

    I watched as the magical yellow arrow flew out further than my first arrow and hit my target. A small explosion and a squeal and the snail slumped to the floor and died. I cheered with my small victory and went to collect the snail’s shell and the few mesos that dropped.

    This is awesome! I wonder what else I can do.

    In the distance I saw Mike slashing through some green slimes with slash blast. The slime and goo from the monsters flew all over the field. His mastery with an axe was incredible and he could easily handle monsters that I fear with ease.

    He noticed me watching him and stopped. “Oh, hi Omar! So I see you became an archer, well congrats bro!” He patted me on the shoulder and smiled.

    “So what are you doing?” I asked.

    “I’m just practicing my skills a little, making sure I’m not rusty. What skills have you learned as an archer?”

    “Oh just this one called Arrow Blow. I need to practice trying to shoot further and landing critical attacks first.”

    “That’s a great idea! We can get started on your training now!”

    I stared at him surprised, “you want to help me with my training?”

    “Well why not? I can help you for a few levels, but you should learn how to train on your own. Who knows? One day you might pass me!”

    “I doubt that… So where should we train?”

    “Hmm… How about Pig Beach?”

    “Where is that?” I asked confused.

    “Come with me and I’ll show you,” Mike said smiling.

    After a bit of traveling we found ourselves in a beach-like environment but we were on top of a ledge. When I peaked down from the ledge I saw numerous pigs, some with red ribbons tied around them and some without.

    “Are you sure it’s safe down there bro?” I asked nervously.

    “Of course it is! I’m here in case you get in danger so don’t worry. Now come on!” Mike pushed me down the ledge and leaped down himself. I screamed and landed on my back with a thump.

    “Ouch…” I picked myself up and checked my bow to make sure it didn’t break. Right away a pig appeared in front of me and slammed itself into my gut. “Gah!” I screamed and smacked the pig repeatedly with my bow before Mike came in and slashed the pig in half with his axe.

    “Oh come on Omar, you’re an archer, you should have shot him way before he got close enough to hit you!” Mike sighed with a disappointed look on his face.

    “S-Sorry Mike, it just caught me by surprise, it won’t happen again,” I apologized.

    “Just don’t let it happen again and you’ll be fine.”

    I nodded and carefully strung my bow, trying my best to make sure it doesn’t snap on me.

    “Well after you’re done playing with your blue wooden toy there I want you to kill a few of those pigs over there,” Mike ordered as he unfolded his Relaxer and sat down.

    “Wait what? You’re not going to help me kill them?” I asked surprised.

    “Of course not! This is your training, not mine. You already know how to shoot them, you just have to learn how to do it better that’s all. Now go on, kill those pigs.”

    I sighed and made my way towards the pigs, shooting them as I saw them.

    “Use your magical abilities to enhance your attacks! It’s a very important thing to master,” shouted Mike from his chair.

    “Yeah, I know!” I shouted back.

    Whenever I saw a pig pass by I let the magic suffuse me and I shot them down one by one. After a while I felt more exhausted from using my magic too much and had to drink some of the blue potions I got from the
    general store in Henesys. After drinking some of the potion I felt the mana coming back to me and I began to use my magic again.

    After a couple hours of training Mike called me and I ran back over to him. “Okay little bro, how many have you killed?” he asked.

    “Like a lot! I lost count after five hundredth sorry.”

    He laughed and said, “well it takes a lot of kills to level up so you better get used to it.”

    I sighed and asked, “what should I do now?”

    “Don’t worry about it bro. We’re done for the day,” he got up and patted me on the shoulder, “don’t overwork yourself.”

    “Umm… Okay. Let’s go home then?”

    “Yeah let’s go home, we’ll continue tomorrow.”

    We made our way back home where I took a relaxing shower, had a quick dinner, and went to bed, still worn out from my training.
    One year later

    “Okay Omar, so you’re level twenty now right?”

    “Yeah,” I said panting after a long day of training.

    “Okay good work, you are ascending quickly. We still have a lot of training to do if you want to become a hunter though.”

    “I know.”

    “Well from now on you’re going to need to train on your own!”

    I stared at him surprised. “Me? Training alone? I thought you were going to help me!”

    “I can’t help you forever.”

    I sighed and picked up my new hunter bow. “Okay, I’ll try to train alone.”

    “I’m proud of you little brother, you will make a fine archer.”

    “Well… What are you going to do?”

    “I’m going to stay home, relax, and maybe start back on my training.”

    “Oh okay… That’s fine I guess.”

    “I’m going to head home. Good luck Omar.”

    “Thanks.” I watched as Mike ran back towards Henesys.
    Where should I train? Pig beach? The trees in Ellinia forest? I heard there are powerful monsters in the Ant Tunnel; I might need to train some more before going in there… I think I can handle it though.

    I traveled to the Ant Tunnel to train work on my training when I encountered a shadowy figure near the entrance. He was dressed in a black hooded cape with the hood over his head, hiding his facial features. In his right hand he held a red wand and on his left arm he had a glowing shield with a maple leaf in the middle and black gloves. He reminded me of a gothic kid that you usually see in those dark corners of Kerning City. The strangest part of him was the black aura emitting from his hands. Some kind of magic perhaps? None that I've seen before.

    After a couple seconds he noticed my presence and screamed. His shriek was not human. It reminded me of the sound of claws scratching against a chalkboard and a shrieking vulture that is hunting down its prey. He swung his arms and launched a ball of black material at me. I managed to jump out of the way and watched as it hit the wall with a huge bang, leaving a hole in the wall where it exploded. I was horrified and ran away as fast as I could. When I looked back I noticed he wasn’t following me.

    I ran all the way to Sleepywood and into the sauna and sighed with relief and exhaustion.

    He wasn’t human, that’s for sure... What in the world was he?

    I’m finally level thirty… I’ve finally reached the level to become a hunter.

    I looked up at Athena’s tree home, the place I went to two years ago to become an archer. I’m thirteen years old now, and I am ready to become a hunter. I put my unstrung Ryden into my quiver and made my way to her front door. I knocked on her front door, more confident than I did before. I heard a voice tell me to come in. I opened the door and walked in calmly, keeping track of my breath. When I made my way up the stairs I saw Athena at her writing on a document, just like the last time I saw her. She looked up and saw me. “Ah! Omar! You’re here. That must mean you have reached level thirty and are ready to take the next step in becoming an archer.”

    “Yes,” I stated, “I want to take the test to become a hunter.”

    “I see, so you feel more acquainted with a bow than a crossbow.”

    “Yes, I feel better pulling a bow string than pulling a trigger.”

    “Very well then, there is a friend of mine who is at the path towards the dungeon of Sleepywood, she will help you become a hunter. I will send her a note stating you are on your way.”

    “Thank you, Athena,” I bowed and rushed out of her home. I didn’t want to talk about what I saw a year ago in the Ant Tunnel, I was still scared and don’t know what exactly I should do about it.

    I quickly ran towards the path to the dungeon, where I have been to several times before for my training. I had to make my way through thorns and climb several ropes before finding a slightly shorter, blue haired archer wearing glasses and holding a blue bow.

    “You must be Omar, Athena sent me notice that you are coming,” she said as she stared at me walking over to her.

    “Yes, that’s me,” I panted, “I’m ready to take my test.”

    “You are?” she asked as she looked at the scratches and wounds on my legs and arms.

    “Yes, I am.”

    “Very well then, the monsters in the cavern have been cursed and are now evil. The source of their evil is dark marbles inside of them. Go into that hole and get me thirty dark marbles and bring them back up here. I’ll be waiting here.”

    I stared at the hole, it was a relatively small hole, but nothing one person can’t fit through. It was really dark, I couldn’t see anything down in the hole, but I heard monsters scurrying around down there.

    I climbed down the ladder leading to the cavern and I managed to see the few monsters that were running down there. They weren’t really anything serious. They were actually the monsters that I encounter in the Ant
    Tunnel. I couldn’t shoot any from the ledge where I was standing, so I had to jump down to kill them. I lost track of how long I was in the cavern, but by the time I counted my thirtieth marble I made my way back out. The bag was incredibly heavy with all the marbles that I collected so climbing back up the ladder was a challenge.

    I hefted the bag and threw it at the job instructor’s feet. Several marbles rolled out and she counted the rest.

    “Okay that’s thirty marbles. Good work, now take this,” she handed me a paper and told me to go back to Athena.

    When I finally made my way back to Henesys and Athena’s home, she greeted me warmly, “Omar, I see you passed your test, congratulations! Are you ready to become a hunter?”

    “Yes, I’m ready.”

    She took my hand, much like when I became an archer, and whispered an incantation. I couldn’t hear her because of how quiet she was talking.

    Suddenly a bright flash of light surrounded me, much like before, and I felt myself becoming more powerful. When the light faded my hand was glowing stronger than the first time.

    “Congratulations, you are now a hunter,” Athena said proudly. She grabbed a blue book from the shelf behind her and handed it to me, “here, take this. This is a book of all of the skills a hunter can learn. Read it, you can learn all sorts of skills. I can explain them to you if you want.”

    “Um, yes, please do.”

    She laughed and opened up the book, “okay, this one is Bow Mastery, it allows you to become better skilled with your bow and less clumsy. This one is Bow Booster, using some of your energy you can pull the string of your bow faster than before, making you attack faster. This one is Soul Arrow, it allows you to magically create your own arrows so you don’t have to worry if you ever run out of regular arrows. It’s useful in a tight spot. This one is Final Attack. This skill allows you to attack twice, the first attack you use one of your attacking skills such as arrow blow or double shot and you can use the leftover mana from the original attack to launch a second, powerful attack to your enemy. It could be useful in some situations. This one is Power-Knock Back, which allows you to swing your bow for an incredibly powerful attack that can send your enemies flying back. The last skill is Arrow Bomb, my personal favorite. This one allows you to launch an arrow that explodes upon contact, damaging and stunning other monsters around it.”

    “Those are all interesting skills to learn. I’ll probably practice Arrow Bomb and that Soul Arrow. I bet they can come in handy.”

    “You should raise your Bow Mastery, it’s one of the most useful skills in the book.”

    “Thank you Athena, oh, one more thing. I saw this man… He was in the Ant Tunnel. He possessed this strange aura around him and tried to attack me. Is there any possibility this has been seen before or something?”
    Athena looked at me surprised and said, “I’ve never heard of anything like that before… I’ll look into it. Thank you Omar.”

    I bowed and ran out of the tree, leaving Athena at her desk while she pondered over what I told her, and began my way to the fields to test out my new skill.

    Okay let’s try it.

    I nocked an arrow to my bow and aimed at the passing ribbon pigs. I began to let the magic suffuse me and released the shining arrow. With a flash and a bang, the arrow exploded and killed all of the ribbon pigs in the small area.

    “Yes!” I cheered at my small victory and at the new skill I am able to use now.

    “Okay, let’s get started.” I began to make my way towards Perion to stop at my rented apartment and stock up on supplies at the general store.
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    Very good fanfiction about your character.
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    Although it's not fixed to my complete liking... Here's the next chapter.
    Chapter 2

    A bead of sweat rolled down my face as I watched as the fire boars scurried along on a lower level of the mountain near the sun-drenched Perion.

    Easy prey.

    I nocked two arrows to my bow and pulled back the string of the Ryden. I began to feel the mana rush through me and released the arrows. They both hit clean between the boar’s head. With a squeal and a slump, the monster died.

    It seemed the other boars around it took notice, because they began to run my way. I pulled out another arrow and with a rush of magic and a single shot the golden orange arrow flew to the boar in the center and exploded, launching all the other boars to different directions, stunned. Killing the rest of the boars became a simple task with Double Shot.

    This is becoming too easy.

    It’s true, training here for the past four levels has made all of this second nature for me.

    I saw a flash and two golden arrows launched past me, hitting a nearby fire boar. The boar squealed and died from the hit.

    The attacker was another hunter, I’m guessing in his early forties because of his Pietta outfit and his Vaulter 2000. His black disheveled hair was covered by a Brown Distinction and his accurate brown eyes scanned the area.

    “Hey there! You should be more careful,” shouted the stranger, “that boar almost got you.”

    He ran towards me and greeted me warmly, “hi! I’m James. Who are you?”

    “I’m Omar,” I managed to say, “thanks for the help; I didn’t notice that fire boar right there. It could have caught me by surprise.”

    I shook his hand and noticed his strange pendant around his neck.

    “Hey, where did you get that?”

    “Oh this?” he showed me the pendant, “this is my Spiegelmann Necklace, don’t you have one? I got one from the Monster Carnival. Everyone above level thirty has one!”

    “Monster Carnival? I’ve never heard of that.”

    “Oh, you should talk to Spiegelmann then, he’s in Kerning City.”

    I decided to go come along with him and went back to Perion, and from there only a short taxi ride to Kerning City. Spiegelmann was somewhere on the west side of Kerning. He was a strange man, large, round, always
    smiling, and wearing a funny hat and outfit. I almost thought of him as a clown.

    “Come one! Come all! Come to the Monster Carnival! Here you can earn experience and maybe even be able to win special prizes if you find Maple Coins!”

    He noticed me and James and pointed at us, “you two! Don’t you want to compete with other people and see who the best is? You can win one of these pretty little objects!” He pulled out a Spiegelmann Necklace and
    showed it to us, “for a mere fifty Maple Coins you can earn yourself your own pendant! They can make you stronger and maybe increase your stamina as well!”

    “This is a strange man,” I whispered to James.

    “Yeah, don’t worry, he’s harmless,” he replied.

    I approached Spiegelmann, “I would like to compete!”

    “Ah! Well come over here young archer!” he showed me a portal behind him, “in here you will find the Monster Carnival. You and a few friends can go in and compete with other friends or complete strangers to see who can kill the most monsters in a matter of ten minutes!”

    That sounds simple enough.

    I walked through the portal and found myself in a large room that resembled an area like Ludibrium. It was all blocky and looked like a giant toy. I have been to Ludibrium before and all of the monsters there resembled toys.

    I always thought of that area as incredibly strange and never really liked it. I always preferred the monsters in Victoria Island, they weren’t as creepy.

    Soon after, James came out of the same portal I came through.

    “So, what do you think?” he asked with a grin on his face.

    “It’s weird.”

    He laughed and asked, “well, don’t you want to try it out?”

    “Sure, it sounds like fun.”

    We formed a party of two people and looked for people to compete with.

    “Hey! Anyone want to challenge us?” shouted James.

    “After a while of shouting and looking around two girls appeared; an Assassin and a Cleric. The Assassin was wearing a dark outfit with red material sowed along the edges and sported a fancy-looking black claw. She had
    medium-length black hair and gray eyes. Her friend was around my age I guessed and she was wearing a brown robe for mages and sported a Maple Staff. She had beautiful long, dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

    “Hi! I’m Joyce,” announced the Assassin cheerfully.

    “I’m Amy,” said the Cleric in an equally cheerful tone.

    “I’m James and this is my friend Omar.”

    “Hi,” was all I managed to sputter out.

    Joyce investigated us both and asked, “so you want to challenge us?”

    I nodded nervously, this was my first time at the Carnival and I didn’t know what to expect.

    “You look nervous.”

    Was it really that obvious?

    “Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you,” she winked and strolled towards Spiegelmann with Amy.

    I heard Amy whisper to Joyce, “are you sure we should take them on? They look like amateurs.”

    “So what? That just means more experience for us.”

    “True, but I feel bad for making these two lose.”

    I sighed and began to regret of ever coming to this stupid carnival.

    After they talked to Spielgelmann, we were teleported to a small waiting room and after some preparation we were sent to a place that looked like a flat arena with platforms at the top. The room was all purple and blocky. It
    seemed like there were two rooms and James and I were in one room while the girls were in the other.

    After a few moments a few Toy Trojans and robots appeared and began to run towards us. Almost instinctively I nocked an arrow to my bow and fired the golden orange shaft towards the mob of enemies. The arrow
    exploded on contact with the first one and knocked back and stunned the ones around it. The one that took the impact of the bomb seemed to have been hurt pretty badly, but not as much as I hoped.

    I saw James flanking the monsters from the left. He released several consecutive Arrow Bomb attacks and killed a mob of monsters. His skills were impressive and he was obviously more powerful than me. I felt a little bit of
    jealousy build up in me but it all disappeared when a Trojan appeared right in front of me and swung its sword at me. I narrowly avoided the attack and backed away to prepare to kill it with Double Shot until another Trojan
    came at me from the right and slashed me with its sword. It gashed my back and left me with a burning pain. I screamed and immediately released a barrage of Double Shot arrows at the Trojan, killing it. The other Trojan
    was dispatched by James before it was able to get to me.

    “That’s a pretty nasty wound,” he said when he ran up to me. “Here, drink this,” he handed me a purple potion.

    I drank the bitter liquid and I felt my wound immediately close up and my bruises heal and all of my energy came back. “What is that?” I asked.

    “It’s a power elixir, all of the monsters here drop some form of potion.”

    “That’s some great stuff.”

    I wiped my mouth and stood up, regaining my composure.

    After about five minutes of constant fighting I began to wonder if I would ever get a break. The monsters just kept coming; there was no end to them.

    Soon a tall statue appeared on one of the platforms above us. I had no idea what that statue was or what it did, but I kept my mind in the fight instead of looking at that.

    Suddenly I noticed that the enemies were stronger! How is this possible? I thought with sweat beading down my face.

    An enemy appeared in front of me and punched me, more powerful than its companions. I grabbed hold of an elixir and replenished my energy.

    I saw James scream at me, “we have to destroy that thing!” He was pointing at the weird statue. It became clear to me that the statue was giving them power.

    Almost immediately I leaped for the ladder and climbed up to the platform. I began to strike the statue with my bow. One time… two times… three times…

    After the fourth hit the statue began to crumble and the monsters’ power were reverted back to normal. “Good work Omar,” panted an exhausted James.

    “Thanks.” I was tired too; this fight has taken a toll on me.

    After a few moments I heard an announcement say “MATCH OVER!”

    “Well I guess that’s that,” said James as he patted me on my shoulder. “Come on, let’s go check how we did.”

    We left the area and entered what I think was the exit room. We saw the two other girls there, also exhausted.

    Amy and Joyce ran over to us and Joyce was the first one to talk, “you two were hard to keep up with.”

    “You just kept summoning defenses on our monsters; I think we wasted too much time breaking the defenses than killing the monsters,” said Amy.

    “I didn’t summon any defenses,” I said while looking at James.

    “Well this is the Carnival, what do you expect?” replied a smiling James.

    “Ahem.” We all looked at Spiegelmann while he said, “the winner of the Carnival match is… Omar and James of Maple Blue! Congratulations! You both did so well that you earned an A rank. Good work!”

    “We won? Incredible,” I said baffled. “I thought for sure that we weren’t going to win.”

    “You two were good, we could hardly keep up,” said Amy.

    It seems I’m more powerful than I expected…

    “Oh Joyce, we have to leave, Candice is waiting for us.”

    “Oh that’s right! Well it was nice to meet you two, but we have to go.”

    I watched as Joyce and Amy ran out of the Carnival and I found myself staring at where they ran off to for a long time.

    “Hey, Omar, snap out of it,” said James.

    “What? Oh, um, sorry.”

    “What’s wrong with you? You were eyeing those girls like a dog that found free steak.”

    “Um… What? Wait, no. No! I wasn’t!” I yelled as my face started turning a bright red in embarrassment.

    “Hahah! You have a crush! So, which one do you like?”

    “None! They’re just two girls that we barely met.”

    “Okay then. Live in denial,” snickered James.

    I glared at James and decided not to continue the conversation and wiped the rest of the sweat off my brow.

    “That whole monster brawl back inside the arena must have worn you out, you look like crap,” said James in a humorous tone.

    “That was easily one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever went through,” I said with a sigh, “There was so much going on and so many monsters coming at me I thought I was going to die for a second in there.”

    “You’ll get used to it,” James patted my shoulder, “just takes some time and practice.”

    “Thanks I guess…”

    “No problem hahah. I’ll leave you to rest and regain your energy, I need to head out anyway.”

    “Where are you going?” I asked curiously.

    “Oh, just exploring, training, and collecting items for various people that need things done for them.”

    “Well you have fun.”

    “Thanks, I’ll see you around Omar!” James ran out of the main lobby of the Carnival with his Icarus Cape flapping around behind him.

    Okay… Now what?
    I began to think of what I should do as I watched all the people making groups and challenging others and running off into the arenas.

    With a large sigh I picked myself up and made my way out of the Carnival.

    I found myself back in Kerning City where I made my way to the taxi. After a few minutes and paying for my cab fare I was back in Perion. I made my way back to my little apartment that I rented.

    I opened the front door to my apartment and dropped my bag on the floor next to my desk and slumped on my couch. I removed my dark hunter hat and placed it on the coffee table and proceeded to think of what I should do tomorrow.

    I can train, but I’ve been training my butt off for two months straight. Maybe I can do a few favors for the people in town and make some money… I’m starting to run low on cash anyway.

    After a few moments of pondering I heard knocking coming from my door. I lazily got up off of my couch and opened the door to find the assassin I met at the Carnival.

    “Oh! I must have gotten the wrong house. I’m sorry!” she said embarrassed.


    “Hey aren’t you that hunter from the Carnival?”

    “Yeah that’s me. You’re… Joyce?”


    “Oh, well it was nice seeing you again.”

    “Yeah, hey wait! Want to come with me to Ludibrium? My friends and I were planning to head over there.”

    “Umm…” I looked around and sighed, “Sure. I have nothing better to do anyway.”

    “Okay! Meet me at the Ellinia station in an hour. I’ll see you there!”

    Joyce ran off quickly using her haste and I began to pack up my supplies. I packed plenty of food, water, and money for the trip since I was most likely going to be gone for a few days probably be gone for a few days.

    I picked up my supplies, covered my head with my hat, and put my bow in my quiver and began walking to the cab driver where he took me to Ellinia for a small fee.

    I jumped and climbed my way up to the higher parts of Ellinia where I found the entrance to the Ellinia Station. Getting up the small tree town was not one of my favorite things to do, but my great dexterity was good enough for me to not slip or miss a step. When I got to the station I found the people who were waiting for me was Joyce, Amy, and another girl who had the same color hair as Amy, but shorter and wavier. She looked to be about the same age as the two girls, but a higher level based on the kind of claw she was wielding.

    I saw Joyce waving at me and the other two turned around to face me as I walked over to the pier where the boat will arrive. “Omar you made it! The boat’s going to arrive in a couple minutes.”

    “Oh, I’m glad I made it on time,” I said with a smile.

    “Oh yeah! Omar this is Candice. You didn’t get to meet her in the Carnival because she’s too high of a level to get in now.”

    “You’re Omar huh?” she said while investigating me. “I’ve heard about you.”

    “Candice stop scaring him!” Amy yelled at Candice and then faced me and said, “hi Omar! How have you been?”

    “I’ve been good, thanks.”

    “Anything interesting happen?”

    “No not really.”

    “… Wow you’re kind of boring.”

    I looked at Amy surprised and didn’t know how to reply to her comment.

    “Oh my gosh he’s blushing! That’s so cute!” I didn’t even realize it but I really was blushing.

    “Guys come on! The boat is here, let’s get on board,” yelled Joyce.

    I turned around to see a gigantic ship with white sails and what looked like wings on the starboard and a propeller on the back. We ran over to the ship and quickly boarded it. We got settled on the deck and waited for it to start moving. A couple others boarded the ship while we waited, but I wasn’t that interested in seeing what they looked like more closely.

    I leaned against the railing while the three girls were talking and laughing on the other side of the boat. I didn’t mind not being a part of the conversation. I never had anyone to talk to after my brother left to train and I wasn’t good at making friends and I usually preferred training alone. Truth be told, James is probably the first friend I made since I became an archer.

    After about five minutes the ship began its flight toward Orbis. Orbis was a city in the clouds and was incredibly hard to reach if you can’t fly or somehow warp there. The only way to climb up is from Orbis Tower, a twenty story tower that connected Orbis to El Nath, the city of eternal winter. The snow in El Nath never melted, mostly because of the always freezing climate. I never understood why there was no other season besides winter in El Nath.

    I watched the clouds below us as we were ascending up through the sky and enjoyed letting the wind hit my face. The clouds took on several shapes, forms, and sizes and I imagined stories, monsters, people, and lands from them. For once in a long time, I was at peace.

    That peace was short lived when a huge ship with black sails flew out of the clouds, heading right for the ship. I could see two Crimson Balrogs, the most feared creatures in Victoria, on the deck. Their twisted, snarling faces striking fear in me. Several of the people on the ship fled to the cabin and I was locked out.

    This is definitely not good...

    The Crimson Balrogs flew off of their ship and dived toward me. I jumped to the side and rolled, barely evading their attacks, and ran to a corner of the ship where I hid from the monsters, praying they wouldn’t find me. They were sniffing around the ship, searching for their hiding dinner, but just before they found me, four stars flew out and struck one of them through the head. I watched it fall to the dock of the ship with a loud thud and saw the new attacker was a Hermit, who in my guess was around level one hundred based on his Craven.

    I saw the other Crimson Balrog fly towards the hermit and I was about to shout and warn him when another figure appeared with a large pole arm and smashed the axe-spear weapon on the Balrog’s head, breaking its helmet and shattering its skull. The large creature slumped to the floor, dark crimson blood oozing from the huge gash on its head. Its killer was a larger man than the Hermit, equipped with what looked like a Maple Karstan and wearing crimson metal armor. My guess was that he was a Dragon Knight, and a pretty powerful one too.

    I turned towards the large ship where the Crimson Balrogs came from and watched as it flew away. Before it disappeared into the clouds I noticed a strange figure in an ominous, dark cloak on the deck of the ship. He looks familiar… I thought.

    “Hey kid! What the hell did you think you were doing?” the Hermit was shouting at me while he ran towards me. I stepped out of where I was hiding, still awe-struck from the amazing display of skills by the two 3rd classes. The Dragon Knight simply dusted himself off and began to clean his Karstan, not seeming to care about what his companion did.

    I picked myself up and dusted off some dirt from my armor when the Hermit reached me, “kid, why didn’t you hide inside the cabin like your friends? You could have been killed!”

    “I don’t know. I got scared and didn’t know where to go.”

    “Well you’re lucky we were here to save your sorry ass,” the Hermit sighed and jumped up to the Dragon Knight, who was checking to see if any part of the ship was severely damaged.

    He’s right. I stand no chance to those beasts. I must get stronger…
    I sighed and made my way up to the where the two Third Classes stood and managed to mutter “thanks for saving me…”

    The Dragon Knight began to eye me from top to bottom and sighed, obviously disappointed. “Don’t worry about it,” he said and stuck his pole arm in a strap behind his back. The Hermit leaped down and opened the door to the cabin, “everything’s fine! The balrogs are gone,” he shouted. Everyone came out of the cabin with relief and began to praise the Third Classes for their heroic deeds. The Hermit thanked them and put on a smile, but the Dragon Knight didn’t seem to care for their praise and shrugged his way out of the crowd.

    With a sigh I stood at the railing of the ship and watched the clouds when I felt the cold touch of metal on my shoulder. I turned my head and saw the Dragon Knight who helped save my life. It was impossible to read what he was thinking from the look on his face. “You’re not ready…”

    I stared at him for a while before I saw him turn around. But before he began to walk away he whispered, “keep training.”

    I stood there, thinking about his words for a while until I was snapped out of my day-dreaming trance by a familiar feminine voice. “Hey Omar wake up!”

    Regaining my focus, I looked around to see the Dragon Knight and Hermit were gone and we had landed at Orbis Station already. Joyce was standing next to me snapping her fingers in front of me before I stuttered, “oh umm… sorry.” I was still thinking about the Dragon Knight, his words still swimming through the corners of my mind. “I was just… Never mind,” my mind wasn’t ready for almost any form of conversation so I quickly evaded Joyce’s questions and pulled my raggedy cape a little higher over my shoulder to protect myself from the chilling air of winter and avoid eye contact with the people that were still on the ship.

    I quickly leaped off the ship and made my way to the main part of Orbis. I needed a place to sit and maybe sleep, but didn’t know where to go. All I knew is that I won’t find out by standing around.

    “Omar wait!” I turned around to see Candice following me. “Where are you going?”

    “I umm… I really need a place to rest,” I confessed, a hint of exhaustion in my voice.

    “Oh, well my sister has a residence down in El Nath if you want to stay.”

    I looked at her surprised, “well I wouldn’t want to impose, especially if there isn’t enough room. And what about Ludibrium?”

    “It’s no imposition and don’t worry about there not being enough room, and don't worry about Ludibrium. It's not going anywhere.” she said with a smirk.

    After a short while of thinking and arguing I accepted and we were soon joined by Amy and Joyce. After we were all together we began to make our way to Orbis Tower, and from there to El Nath.
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    I loved the part about the Crogs...

    That's totally how I imagined it my first time.


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    Even more problems than the second one but oh well. Tooooo lazy. Seriously people. Read. Respond. Take some time to enjoy it or constructively criticize it.
    Chapter 3


    “Oh damn it all! How do you keep winning Cara?” I sighed as I watched the tall, raven-haired hermit took out my king piece.

    “You want to know huh?”


    Cara leaned over the table and whispered, “I ain’t tellin’.”

    I sighed and sat back in my chair, “this isn’t fun when you’re the only one who wins.”

    “Oh come on I’m having a blast!” I glared at her for her snide remark but that only got her to laugh at me more.

    “Well whatever, when is your sister, Candice, coming back? I need to get back to Victoria and she has all of the stupid Orbis Tower scrolls.”

    “She said she was going to be gone for a couple weeks and she left two days ago, why are you in such a rush?”

    I sighed and looked around the large house. It seemed every inch of the wall was covered by some kind of expensive painting, “I just miss being in Victoria, Ossyria is still so strange to me.”

    “Well it is a large place. Victoria is only one country while Ossyria is made out of many countries.”

    “Why can’t I go out and explore other countries besides just the El Nath Mountains?”

    “Are you kidding? You’re only level forty, kid. Don’t get ahead of yourself. The only safe places are Ludus Lake and these mountains, but don’t think everywhere in these countries are safe. There is the dreaded Zakum Mountain; I would stay away from there.”

    “What about… Minar Forest? What’s in that place?”


    “What? Dragons?”

    “Yep. Those beasts will tear you to pieces if they get the chance, don’t underestimate them.”

    “Well that’s reassuring…”

    Cara giggled with amusement, “well let’s hope that when you do go there you’re strong enough.”

    “That would mean I would have to reach level 70 and become a Ranger first.”

    She nodded and put the chess pieces and board away, “and level up even more after that if you want a better chance.”

    I sighed and got up, “thanks for the talk.”

    “Where are you heading?”

    I picked up my Vaulter 2000 and put on my Green Distinction hat, “I have some training to do,” and with that I was out of the door and in the snowy fields of El Nath.

    As much as I liked being in Henesys, I had to admit that El Nath was quite beautiful at times. I quietly walked down the paved road of the peaceful town, my snowshoes crunching on the small layer of snow beneath me. I pulled up the collar of my new brown Pietta when I felt the cold wind lap at my face. The sky was covered in clouds so it was hard to tell the time of day, it could be morning or late afternoon, no one could tell. From the distance I could see the beautiful mountains that made El Nath so popular, well besides the endless snowstorms. One mountain had an ominous cloud of black smog floating out of it, and I knew that that was the mighty Zakum Volcano, the same one that Cara told me about and the one I heard about when I was at the inn the other day.

    According to the stories, Zakum was a mighty beast made of stone that was once worshipped by the people of El Nath until a dark magic came over it. No one dared worship it since. Now most people call it the horrible stone tree of eternal death, but from what I’ve heard many high leveled people go up there to raid Zakum’s altar and steal the great bounty of treasures hidden within. Mostly I hear about the third jobbers going up there, like the Dragon Knight and Hermit I met a couple months back, but I have heard rumors about people who have achieved the legendary fourth job being there as well.

    The fourth job was mostly just a legend and the only fourth jobbers most people know are the five wisemen. They say that the fourth jobbers had the abilities to level mountains with a single flick of their wrist, but to be honest I’ve never heard any reports of a mountain being leveled lately so I never thought any fourth jobbers were around.

    When I made it to the outskirts of the town I caught glimpses of the small penguin-like creatures known as Jr. Pepes wandering around. They were stronger than they looked, but still easy prey for me. If I kept walking I knew I would start to see the Jr. Yetis and then the bigger Yetis. They were large creatures with giant arms and covered in white or brown fur which would make them hard to notice if it wasn’t for the ear-splitting roars that they emitted. Those beasts were scary and, if they wanted to, they could tear me in half with almost no effort at all.

    Slowly, I made my way deeper into the wilderness of the snow-covered land, trying to keep my balance on the occasional, more-often-than-not spots of slippery ice. When I started to spot Jr. Yetis I knew I was moving a little too deep so I took out my Vaulter 2000 from its quiver and quickly strung it, preparing myself for anything that might try to attack me.

    As swiftly and quietly as I could, I snuck past most of the little white furballs and quickly disposed of any that noticed me. It wasn’t a difficult task since there really weren’t many of the creatures, but eventually I started to see more of the bigger and scarier Yetis. Those large beasts, regardless of the size of their heads, were quiet simple-minded and never noticed me.

    While I was quietly navigating my way through the plains of the Ice Valley, I caught sight of a small doorway hidden behind a pile of snow-covered boulders. I navigated my way around the Yetis and behind the boulders, where I huddled to keep my presence unknown.

    When I walked towards the small wooden door, I felt the air turn very thick with a strange mana that I have never felt before. I was nervous, but I felt something calling me, something beyond the door calling my name. It was as if I was hearing a ghost, and after a while the voice seemed to get stronger and I felt a presence beginning to touch my mind. It was an alien presence and it made me a little scared, but for some reason it also felt reassuring and warm.

    With a deep breath I slowly pushed the door open, peeking into a large, dimly lit cave. Steadily, I walked through the snow and into the cave, trying to reach the presence that was calling me. I kept walking through the cave and each step I took the voice became louder and the presence stronger.

    After what felt like twenty minutes of walking, I found a deep, dark hole that seemed like it had no end. I kicked a rock down the hole, listening to see if it actually hit a floor. I counted each second after I kicked it, “one… two… three…” then I heard the sound I was looking for, the rock hit the floor. “Three second fall…” It was too far to simply jump down; I could have possibly broken my ankles or legs, so I decided to simply climb down.

    I took a deep breath and began to climb down the dark hole into I-don’t-know-where. The rocks were jagged and, to my relief, made perfect stepping stones for me to easily climb down. After a short amount of time spent climbing, I managed to reach the bottom, only to find another corridor. This time the strange presence’s voice was becoming noticeably loud and I felt myself being almost pulled by it. As I followed the strange feeling down the corridor I began to feel strange and cold energy in the air. A chill crawled down my spine as I continued to walk down the rocky corridor.

    There was an opening at the end of the murky tunnel and when I reached it the sight was astounding. I found myself in a huge dome-like shrine. The ceiling could have probably reached half of a mile up in height. In the middle of the large area there were six tall pillars surrounding a granite table. The structure was obviously not a natural structure. Someone built this… I wonder who…

    I slowly walked to the table, my footsteps echoing across the shrine. When I got to the table there was a large leather-bound book with two strange stones next to it. The left stone was glowing bright yellow and white and warmth could literally be felt radiating from it. It seemed to glow brighter when I got closer. The other stone to the right of the book looked almost pure black, with slight veins of violet running along it. When I looked at the stone it felt like the warmth was literally being sucked out of me. Curiosity got the better of me and I reached out to touch the stone. Once I made contact with it though, I could actually feel the strength being sapped from my body and quickly removed my hand.

    “Damn! What is this thing?” I half yelled surprised at what had happened.

    I shook my head and turned my attention to the book. It was battered and dusty and the pages were yellowed with age. I blew and wiped off the dust from the cover and read the runes on the cover. “The History of the Elements…” I whispered to myself. Slowly I opened the book, listening to the spine crack a little, probably because of the age of the book. The book on the inside wasn’t as bad as I imagined. The inside of the book wasn’t as yellowed and worn as the sides of pages were, and all of the runes were legible, none of the ink was worn away. After a moment I began to read…

    In the beginning there were two gifted sentient beings known as the humans and the elves. Both of them are mysterious beings that have the potential to harness incredible power. They were known in practicing five different arts and master many different weapons. The masters of strength and power were known as the Warriors. The masters of magic and the mysteries that it contained were known as Magicians. The masters of stealth and assassination were known as Rogues. The masters of using firearms and fists were known as Pirates. And the masters of marksmanship and dexterity were known as Archers. In the beginning the humans and elves kept balance in the world with their five classes. There was peace.

    During this peace the classes, especially the Magicians, studied the mystery of the elements. These elements were fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness. Later these elements became known as fire, ice, lightning, poison, holy, and dark. The most peculiar element was dark. While the other elements were powerful and easy to study, this element had unknown capabilities beyond the normal limitations of regular magic. The continuous study of the element left strange side effects to its users. The dark magic had powers beyond belief, but these powers came with a price. Many people who studied the dark element lost their sanity and soon the study of the element was forbidden. Forever after that the element of darkness was known as Forbidden Magic.
    Even though the study of Forbidden Magic was banned from the world of Bera, it did not stop a few curious people from studying its mysterious powers. The study of Forbidden Magic continued in secrecy and the people who studied them became known as Necromancers. They named their magic “Necromancy.”

    “Necromancy…” I whispered in the darkness of the cave. I began to think about the times I saw the cloaked figure with that dark aura among him. A chill ran down my spine as I thought about the darkness that seemed to emit from its very being.

    Suddenly I felt the temperature in the room drop, even though we were near the Zakum volcano, the temperature started to reach as low as the snowy fields in El Nath. My breath became visible and I pulled up my Pietta a little in a futile attempt to protect myself from the sudden chill. As I scanned the room for anything that might seem suspicious, the temperature slowly dropped lower than even the coldest days in El Nath. I felt a presence behind me and I quickly turned around, bow ready, and saw it. The cloaked figure from the many times before was there. He stood there unarmed and simply watched me.

    I quickly casted my magic enchantments and pulled back my bowstring, revealing a golden arrow made purely of mana. I summoned a second arrow with my mana and held the bowstring back, ready to fire at a moment’s notice. He watched me for an entire minute, which almost felt like an hour, before revealing a dagger from his sleeve. The blade of his dagger was pure black with a black handle with red laces running along it. If it was longer it could have passed as a machete maybe, but it looked like a more elegant weapon than that. Obviously only a professional could use one of those.

    I focused on my opponent and concentrated my mana to attack. As I watched him and his blade I noticed him cast some enchantments of his own. It was possible that he is a bandit, but certainly not a normal one. The second my opponent took a step towards me I unleashed my Double Shot attack. The arrows pierced through the air but just before it hit my target they were blocked and sliced in two and then the arrows dissipated.

    Shock was the only thing I could feel at that moment, which was followed by a spasm of fear. There was no way I could defeat an opponent as skilled as this. I grabbed the book and the bright yellow stone and quickly stuffed them in my bag. After that I turned to see the cloaked person sprinting towards me at an incredible speed. I ran to the exit but there I saw him standing in front of me. “So fast…” I muttered.

    Before he could attack me I quickly unleashed a powerful Power Knock-Back swing with my bow. “Who knew that skill would actually come in handy,” I said with a smile. He flew back but landed against the wall with his feet unharmed. At that moment I unleashed a large bright orange arrow at him. Like the last two arrows he attempted to deflect them with his dagger, but instead of deflecting them they exploded on contact. “Yes! I got him!” I shouted with excitement while I ran for the exit. But when the smoke cleared I saw him again and then he seemed to almost teleport right in front of me.

    I watched in terror as he grasped my neck with his horrible iron grip and lifted me off the ground. I grabbed his arms while gasping for air, sweat streaming down my face while I stared at the shadows of where his face was. My feet were flailing around in my futile attempt to kick him. He reached his hand into my bag and pulled out the book. I stared, wide eyed at him while I tried to get out of his grip.

    Finally a strange power suffused me; I lifted my legs up and kicked him directly in the face. He flew back and hit the wall with a smash, leaving several cracks and pieces of rubble crumbling from the wall. I gasped and fell on my knees, breathing heavily and looking at the damage I did. The hood of my opponent had fallen back, revealing a man with cobalt hair and dark skin. There were a couple scars across his cheek and he looked to be in his mid-30s. He seemed mostly human except for the dark aura that seemed to resonate from him. It appeared I knocked him out, but his wounds were almost unnoticeable. I grabbed the ancient book and stuffed it back in my bag and sprinted out of the dome-like cave. When I was out of his sight I pulled out a gray scroll and opened it up. I placed the scroll on the floor beneath me, placed my hand on it, and whispered a small enchantment to release the seal on it.

    In an instance I found myself back in the snowy town of El Nath. I never knew I would miss the plain snowy city so much, the cold air hitting my face, the fresh snow collecting on my hat, it was a relief. I stood up and looked around, making sure the man didn’t follow me back to town.

    “How did I do that?” I said to myself as I walked back to Cara’s house. I never felt the power that rushed through me at that moment; it was frightening and exhilarating at the same time. The thought of it scared me. This power… What is it?

    Right then and there I ran into a person and with a loud thud I fell on the snow and ice. The fresh snow flattened under me and I rubbed the new bruise forming on my head. I opened my eyes to see Amy sitting on the snow rubbing her head too. “Hey watch where you’re going!” she yelled while she was rubbing her head. “Oh Omar it’s you. Sorry I didn’t notice you there.”

    “Amy… Yeah sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” I was talking to her, but my attention was still on what I saw earlier. I stood up and wiped some snow off of me. Amy was picking up a broken foam cup. The soup that the cup was holding was splattered all over the floor. “Oh let me help you with that,” I said as I kneeled down next to her and helped her pick up the rest of the foam pieces.

    “Thanks,” she said with a smile. I must have started blushing because she started giggling at me.

    “Hehe… Well that’s all the pieces,” I said, a little embarrassed, as I stood up. Amy stood up too and she took the rest of the pieces. “Sorry about spilling your soup,” I apologized.

    “Oh don’t worry about it, it’s just some soup,” she smiled.

    “Well… Can I go buy you another? Maybe… Maybe we can eat some at the inn.”

    “The two of us?” she blushed.

    “Yeah. What do you think?”

    “That sounds nice. Let’s go.” We both smiled at each other and began to walk to the local inn. The sound of snow crunching under my ears and the distant howl of a few stray wolves calmed my nerves a bit. When I turned to Amy her flowing brown hair was whipping back a little with the wind and her robe seemed to whip around a little too. A few beams of light managed to break through the clouds of El Nath and reflect off the snow, allowing me to see her more clearly. She was actually a very beautiful girl. Her hazel eyes appeared much more beautiful than usual and her long flowing hair looked more brilliant in the light. She must have noticed I was staring at her because her cheeks began to glow a bright red.

    “So… What were you doing back there? You seemed like you had something on your mind,” she asked through curiosity and probably to break the silence as well.

    “Um… Nothing really, I just have a lot on my mind lately.”

    “Is that so? Are you stressed about anything?”

    “I guess you can say that.”

    “Well you can tell me anything,” she smiled.

    “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind,” I smiled back to her.

    By then we had reached the inn. I pushed the wooden door open, revealing a dimly lit area with a man standing behind a counter at the right and a few chairs and a couch at the far left corner. The furniture was mostly made out of a dark wood and some of the furniture was also made of a light green cloth. The cloth had quite a few stains on it and did not look pleasant to sit on.

    I told Amy that I would get the food while she got us a place to sit so she went off to the small dining area part of the inn. I glanced back once more, watching her walk off and then I felt like what I can describe as a heavy weight in my chest. I shook it off and looked back at the counter where a cashier was looking at me funny. “Sir, are you alright?” he asked.

    “Huh? Oh umm… Yeah I’m fine,” I shook my head and looked up at the menu. “Can I get two bowls of red bean soup?”

    “Of course sir. That will be 400 mesos.” I handed over the money without complaints and waited patiently as the cashier rang up the order and walked off to what I assumed was the kitchen.

    I turned around and looked around the inn. There wasn’t much to look at really, a couple sharing a dinner, three friends laughing about some ridiculous joke, a man sneaking a silver spoon into his sleeve, it didn’t seem all that important to me. What did catch my attention was when I saw Amy sitting alone at a table, waiting for me to come back with some soup. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her. Her dark brown hair laying so beautifully on her head and back, her innocent dark brown eyes looking around the inn, her fingers intertwining with each other… I felt that weight again

    “Ahem…” the cashier tried to get my attention with a few pats on the counter, “sir, your soup is ready.”

    “Oh, sorry,” I apologized and grabbed the soup and two spoons. The cashier grinned as I walked away.

    “Here’s the soup,” I said as I placed the bowl in front of Amy and put the spoon next to it. She jumped, “you scared me!”

    “Haha sorry,” I laughed and sat in the chair next to her. She took a sip of the soup and smiled. “This is very good soup. Thank you so much.”

    “You’re welcome.” She ate a spoonful of soup as I took my first few sips. The soup had a slightly salty but also appealing tomato taste mixed with red beans. It was pretty hot so it was hard to swallow at first.

    She was staring at me with those beautiful eyes of hers that I couldn’t help but begin to blush. She kept staring at me and smiled as if she could tell what I was thinking. I turned my attention towards the soup and tried to hide my face. This time she was trying to find an angle to look at me and I began to blush some more. Giggling she said “Omar you’re so cute when you blush!”

    I looked away and could barely say a word.

    “Oh come on I’m just teasing you!” she playfully hit me on the shoulder and ate another spoonful of the soup. I laughed and sipped on my soup again.

    After some silence and a bit of eating Amy spoke again. “So Omar,” she put down her spoon and looked at me, “can you explain now why you looked so spooked earlier?”

    I looked down at the soup for a moment and sighed, “listen. Be careful out there when you go exploring or traveling. We don’t really know what’s hidden out there,” as I spoke thoughts of the book inside the cave and the strange stones flooded my mind. It sent shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

    “Omar? What are you talking about? Are you alright?” Amy was looking at me with a confused and concerned look in her eyes. I looked at her for a moment and shook my head.

    “Sorry… Sorry… Listen I really have to go.”

    “Wait! Omar!”

    Without saying another word I got up out of my seat and quickly walked out of the inn without another word and continued my pace across the snow.

    I kept moving until I saw the side of a cliff and looked up at a mansion on top of it. That’s their house… I climbed up the mountain as fast as I could and didn’t look back until I reached the top.

    Panting I staggered into the house to see five people in robes. “Is… Is this the home of the third job instructors?” I panted.

    Tylus, the warrior instructor, walked over to me and looked at me from top to bottom. “What are you doing here boy? You are still too young and weak to achieve the powers of the third job.”

    “I know. I just need to see Rene.”

    Rene, a relatively young woman in appearance, stepped down the stairs and looked at me. “Are you… Omar? Yes you are. You’re the boy that Athena spoke to me about.”

    I stared at her confused. Why would Athena talk about me? “Um… Yeah. That’s me. Listen I have something really important to show you.” I placed my bag on a nearby table where another instructor was sitting and pulled out the book from the cavern, followed by the strange yellow stone. It seemed to have gotten dimmer since the last time I saw it.

    After I pulled the stone out of my bag the instructors stared at it in awe. “How did you get this?” yelled Roberia, the magician instructor.

    “I… found it in a cave… In the El Nath mountains near the Zakum Volcano.” Rene slowly took the stone and inspected it.

    “When did you get this?” she asked grimly.

    “A few hours ago.”

    “Where exactly?”

    “In this strange cave. It was gigantic! It was no natural-made cave. There were six pillars surrounding this stone slab with this book, the stone, and a different stone.”

    After I mentioned the second stone all eyes turned to me again. “A second stone?” said Rene, “was this stone black? With violet-colored veins across it?”

    “Yeah that sounds like the stone,” I looked at the hand that I used to grab the stone.

    “Did you touch this stone?”


    “I said,” Rene gripped my shoulders tight and I could feel her nails digging into my skin, “did you touch it!”

    “Yeah,” I clenched my teeth and looked at her fearfully.

    All of the instructors, including Rene, appeared even more surprised now and they began to whisper to each other quietly enough so I couldn’t hear them. “Is something wrong?” I was worried about what her answer might be.

    “No,” said Rene looking back at me, “we’re very surprised about the events that have occurred today.”

    “What events?” I asked, confused this time.

    “Well first of all, I found out Athena was correct. You are a special boy, there’s no doubt about that.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Now is not the time. You must go meet with someone. He’ll help you,” Rene quickly scribbled on a sheet of paper, rolled it up, and handed it to me.

    I took it and slipped it in my bag, “who am I meeting with exactly?”

    “A friend of mine. He’s also one of Tylus’ best students.” I looked at Tylus again. This war-hardened man, like the other instructors, hid half of his face with a cloak. But the part that I could see had scars from what I presume were from dangerous battles he’s been through, probably with the toughest of monsters in the entire world.

    Tylus’ lips curved upwards, forming the faint impression of a smile, “if I know him as well as I think I do, he’s over at the Phantom Forest beyond New Leaf City. Take the subway underneath Kerning City and you’ll get there in no time. You’ll know it’s him when you see his blue bandana and blood red armor.”

    I bowed in appreciation and left the house to search for the man. I wonder what kind of man is Tylus’ best student…

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    But now I'm like screw that, I'm skipping to the part where Bella finally combines with Edward

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    I love this, and am totally waiting towards knowing what that hooded figure is. More, please!

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    I love this, and am totally waiting towards knowing what that hooded figure is. More, please!
    Ha a comment. I am writing this but haven't posted in a long time. I am kind of losing the inspiration I had to write this.


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    But now I'm like screw that, I'm skipping to the part where Bella finally combines with Edward

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    Well I hope you do write. :D

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    It's a different viewpoint this chapter. It's almost done and I'm just being lazy. Not enough fans.


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    But now I'm like screw that, I'm skipping to the part where Bella finally combines with Edward

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