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Thread: Ice/ Lightning Mage's Viability in Bossing After Big Bang Up

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    Default Ice/ Lightning Mage's Viability in Bossing After Big Bang Up

    Hi. I have quit Maple Story a long time ago, and was wondering with the new damage increase for mages, what does the culture of Maple Story feel about Ice/ Lightning mages in boss runs? If there has not been enough time for people to realize the changes, what are the opinion for Ice/Lightning mages like in other versions of Maple such as KMS? Hopefully, they have buffed mages damage enough to want all classes equally, or at least mages won't be thought as useless when present in a boss run. I don't have a high enough level mage to understand this, and I haven't played in a very long time. I even heard that GMS has not gotten all changes from the original big bang patch? Just a rumor I read.

    I hope this question wasn't over asked before, I hope I get some good discussions. Thank you.

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    I replied there since I saw that thread first. Next time you only need to make one topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by FailFTW View Post
    I/L's have became much more stronger now. In terms of bossing ability and damage, I/L's are probably the best mages for that.

    Bossing is very easy on any class now but I/L's definitely have potential.
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    We do have nerfed elemental wands. Nexon randomly came out in a forum post after BB and said that the elemental boosts were too overpowered, and they would provide some sort of "compensation". In all reality, Nexon probably screwed something up. I doubt they had any intention of taking out the elemental damage. It was never in the big bang patch notes, and it was never implemented in kms.

    Straying from that, Ice Lightning Arch Mages are pretty viable bossers, especially on bosses with multiple parts (Zakum Arms, Horntail, Chaos Zak/HT, Pink Bean, CWK). One of the coolest things about Pink Bean was that my CL hit multiple statues. For some reason, it chained out extremely far. The negative is that Cl is just short enough to not be considered a range attack at Owl.

    They can hold their own for single attacks, and with Elemental Reset, they don't really have any weak points when it comes to bossing.

    Come Chaos patch (and hoping Nexon at least adds some Ele damage), there is one more downside. A good IL will be hitting damage cap too often with CL and Infinity. On Cheese, they'll probably be hitting it just about the entire infinity timeframe. When you hit damage cap, you basically lose damage (unless the damage falls right on 999,999). It's a minimal downside normally but with a buffed CL, SE, Infinity, possible Ewands, Cheese, Echo, etc (standard for most serious boss runs), you'll be hitting cap enough that it will be be a noticeable problem.
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