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    Consider this a doodle for getting some stuff out of my head, I'm not guaranteeing to finish this as I think I haven't finished a story the last three years. I'm good at beginning things and suck at ending them.


    Act One: Treason

    It has never been an easy life for Takeo. Yet, he didn't feel the need to look for another.

    When Takeo was five years old, both his parents died when his village got raided. A mercenary group called the Valiant Dragons charged through the community of young men and women who had formed to protect each other and the city's militia was chanceless.

    Takeo still didn't know what the Valiant Dragons had wanted back then. It had happened almost twenty years ago and ever since that day the only goal he had in his life was to find the man who had pointed his sword right at Takeo's throat and then decided that letting him live would be the bigger agony than killing him.

    Takeo's red jacket fluttered in the southern winds. He still remembered the man's moderately long black hair bending in the wind as he walked out of the house Takeo's family had been living in, his sword dripping with blood. Drake, their leader, as he had soon found out. Ever since that moment, Takeo had been living on his own and avoided human relationships except if he could utilize them to his advantage.

    After preparing himself for many years, he eventually had felt the strength and ability to start following the Valiant Dragons, waiting for an opportunity to slay Drake and make him suffer for the moment where he decided to let the little boy survive. Drake would regret it.

    Suddenly, after hearing a voice, Takeo aborted his daydreams, paying attention to the Valiant Dragons again. This time, they had entered a southern, relatively big city and taken the city square. They were already known and feared, amongst others for the raid on Takeo's village. The city wasn't putting up any resistance and Drake stood there, so close to Takeo, yet so far away and out of reach. Takeo insisted that he would not sacrifice for the kill; Drake wouldn't even know how and why he died, and Takeo wanted him to know exactly who it was that slayed him, and he wanted Drake to look into his eyes.

    A bit too poetic maybe, he knew. But it had been the only thing that had kept him going for so long. There he was, demanding for all the city's goods, surrounded by all his soldiers, all marked by the same emblem: a black dragon tattoo on their right wrist. The Valiant Dragons haven't ever been an army, they were relatively few people with excellent abilities and specialities. For every problem Drake ever had encountered he always found the right person to help him.

    "And this is why you don't ever mess with the Valiant Dragons!" he suddenly yelled, exposing his rage in his almost red eyes. Oh crap, Takeo had fallen into his daydreams again. He watched as every single soldier of the Valiant Dragons jumped on their horses, gallopping out of the village with the goods they had plundered.
    People were screaming and running away, panicking. Something had happened while he wasn't watching. While he exited the cowshed he had used as a hideout to watch Drake, he saw a person lying on the floor where Drake had been earlier, in a pool of blood.

    It was a young woman of around his age, hidden in a black robe with white decorations. A white cloth was folded around her mouth and her eyes were closed.
    Nobody of the townsmen was around anymore, they had all entered their houses, and they all intended to leave her rot there? In doubt, Takeo pulled her arm out, finding a black dragon on her wrist.

    Takeo shrugged. He'd seen this girl in Drake's company for the last few years already. This could be interesting...

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    Thanks for your sharing

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