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Thread: R> Level 90+ for guild Regulators!

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    Icon2 R> Level 90+ for guild Regulators!

    Hello Galicia!

    We are Regulators! JustTurned12, also known as Nelson, founded the guild with the release of The Resistance, and as time has passed we have grown to become a 90+ guild with 10-25 members on at a time.

    We're composed of fun and friendly people who like bossing, training, and hanging out. We love to see our guild members active and we do our best to keep everyone interested in remaining active as much as possible; therefore, we host several boss runs daily and our activities are based on Pacific Standard Time.


    Regulators are currently in the “Wanders” alliance with guilds: Boundless, Opulence, Respect and Hangover. Alliance guild rules vary from our own, but they are also professional and have similar standards. We do our best to keep our alliance members active as well, with levels ranging from Y to Z. We tend to have much success in boss runs because of our exceptional attackers.


    Boss Expeditions

    • Scarlion/Targa
    • Zakum
    • Chaos Zakum (when our guild members are level 140+)
    • Horntail (when our guild members are level 160+)

    While you’re in the guild, feel free to host a run yourself!

    Party Quests

    • Crimson Wood Keep Party Quest (CWKPQ)
    • Ludibrium Party Quest
    • The Hoblin King Party Quest

    Guild Guidelines

    Our guild has a few simple rules that you must abide by, but here are our most important ones!
    • No hacking.
    • No spamming.
    • No scamming.
    • No kill stealing (with a few exceptions).
    • No begging or whining.
    • Must be active and level 90+.

    If you are intrested in joining us please fill out this application and if have met our criteria we will contact you for a short interview! or just whisper JustTurned12, 01BowlOfRice, TooLayzee, or HybridHeat in game for an interview!

    Job & Level:
    Time zone:
    When do you usually play?
    Why you are interested in joining us:
    Previous guilds:
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