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Thread: Is there any list of the different new builds with advantages and disadvantages?

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    Icon7 Is there any list of the different new builds with advantages and disadvantages?


    Looking for a quick analysis of all the char classes/builds so i can choose what to play,
    I am overwhelmed returning player (beta > before we had 4th job)
    for example, what's the fastest? is it still the sin?
    what's best for bosses? what build is over-powered?


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    The sin is defintely not the fastest anymore, maybe the night walker but not the sin.

    With Cygnus Knights, Heroes, and Resistance, the explorers are "slow".
    You want fastest? Cygnus Knights. Probably the Night Walker or the thunder Breaker(Pirate)
    Bossing? Idk since Big Bang, but I suggest the Night Walker or Mechanic(Resistance)
    over-Powered? Mechanic. These are the most over-powered, ksing class on MS.

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    Any class with an early mob skill is faster than classes with only single target skills because of how the new accuracy system works.
    Cygnus Knights aren't exactly a bossing race since they cap at lvl 120. Mechanics, Corsairs, Heroes (the job), Bowmasters and Night Lords are among the top bossing classes, if I remember right.
    As for over-powered classes, those would be Mechanics and Dualbladers.

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    Try looking through guides, maybe that will help you. There are quite a few on HiddenStreet

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    I'm going to give my personal opinions on the "best" class. This is by no means definite fact, but just what I've experienced while playing multiple characters and participating in multiple boss runs (including Pink Bean) The biggest mistake you can make is to study the single target dps charts as your bible. Those don't really matter a whole lot. By the time you get up to heavy bossing levels, gear is almost always more important than class DPS. However, those charts do give a pretty good general idea of what classes boss the best. Classes in the top 1/4 will be great bossers, classes in the middle 1/2 should get by, and classes in the bottom 1/4 are usually support/training. Much beyond that, don't take DPS as a end-all argument.

    Since you are brand new, I will leave out classes that require skillbooks before 120 (Evan, Dual Blader)

    Listing in terms of: 1. Mobbing 2. Mobility 3. "Tanking" (defense abilities) 4. Single Target DPS (1 boss enemy) 5. Multi Target DPS (usually 2-3 boss enemies) 6. Support

    Most well rounded class: Dark Knight
    1. The Dark Knight has great mobbing. Roar, while not as powerful as other ultimates, only has a 10 second cooldown, and is useful for luring and dealing significant damage. Fury is a decent ranged move that mobs 6, and can now be used effectively with EITHER a spear or pole arm
    2. The Dark Knight is relatively mobile, but not in the standard sense. A Drk can rush into mobs, or Magnet the mobs closer. While he lacks speed or agility, he can effectively move about a map. On top of this, stance allows him to ignore knockback 90% of the time, so he will rarely be pushed around.
    3. The Dark Knight is one of (if not THE) best solo "tanking" class. Although he lacks skills like Guardian, Hyper Body will give more than enough HP. With the new Serk, you can keep you full HP and still stay in Serk.
    4. Although not the best single target dps out there, Drk's Sacrifice is a great move. He will definitely hold his own on single target boss runs.
    5. The Dark Knight is one of the best multi-target DPS classes. Buster hits 4 times to 3 enemies, but the range is relatively short (compared to Chain Lightning, for example).
    6. Every boss run loves hyperbody and magic crash, so it will not be difficult finding a group to boss/train with.

    Now, this does not mean you NEED to play a Drk. No class is the best at everything, but I do believe Dark Knight is one of the most "average" classes out there.


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    Thanks for the explanations everyone and especially Tesiqurasa,
    I think ill start with a night lord build in the new world servers, since i remember how fun a sin was,

    How about the quickest 1st char to level and get good items and such? what would that be?

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    i was unaware that you can have an ultimate adventurer after you go cygnus knight, so i made a night walker, would love to add some friends so if you are on arcania give me a hallo ^_^
    the name is BlihBlahGod

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    hello. i think that in terms of mobbing abilites, Battle Mages own. Every attack skill they get is a mob and they start mobbing at lvl 10 with triple blow. welcome to HS though and hope u enjoy ur stay. if u want to look for friendly, active people to talk to, Ballocan HS is a great place. wed love to have you

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