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Thread: Floating Island of Chryse and Lion King's Castle map help needed!

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    Default Floating Island of Chryse and Lion King's Castle map help needed!

    During your travels to these recently released areas in version 0.96, it would be great if you could help us screenshot the mini-maps with the respective portals and indicate to us where they lead.

    One suggestion is to use the mini-maps that can be found in the following map pages: Floating Island of Chryse, and Lion King's Castle and then:

    1. Use a paint program like MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop
    2. Circle at the areas where the portals are for us (you don't have to do them very nicely as we'll include the usual dots and stars on the mini-maps our own)
    3. Indicate to us which map the portals lead to

    As most of the mini-maps in the above pages would have already indicated which other maps they could lead to (without the portals on the mini-maps), it might be slightly easier for you to help us.

    We do not expect one individual to help us with every single map, but if one player does a single map, and other players do the same, we'd be able to finish this quickly as a community effort.

    Simply post here each time you've done a map (or two, or more) for us with the map name so other players would not accidentally duplicate the same effort.

    We would absolutely appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!

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    sumwhat off topic, but they changed the Unknown Snack Bar boss inside the sleepywood dungeon, has bout 3x the hp and now gives 40.1k exp per kill, drops are still the same.

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    Icon7 All Major Training Maps

    Check your e-mail inbox. Earlier today, I sent in the map information (portal, NPCs, monsters) for all the major training maps in Lion King Castle. (I just don't have the Ani Raid and the major boss fighting area, amongst a few other stray maps.)

    I used the screen-shots of my Mini Map in-game instead of the Hidden-Street ones because they would be more accurate with the portal location.

    Also, I should be sending in the rest of Edelstein some time later tonight.

    I created a Hidden-Street Forum account, but I rarely use it because it's so inconvenient.

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    Thanks a lot Honey! I just saw your e-mails too as well - these would definitely help us greatly. I'll try and update them as soon as I've a bit of some free time.

    Raymond - I'll check it out too. Thanks!

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    Im not sure, but I believe in GMS, Island of Chryse is not accessible as of right now and that Nexon America made a few mistakes, should be reachable by the next big patch I think

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