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Thread: Aran: why isit that i have 4 dex and cant hit a lvl 12 octo at kerning city? lvl20!

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    Icon5 Aran: why isit that i have 4 dex and cant hit a lvl 12 octo at kerning city? lvl20!

    So i restarted my character, i created a new one... and someone that answered me said that"You're level 24. You only need 4 dex. Restart your character. Hit rate is, for the main part, based off your level rather than your accuracy. For every level you are under a monster, your hit rate drops by 5%

    Also, the Auto Assign button is taboo for warriors. Remember that. Never touch that button, ever."
    yes so now i clicked on str str str all the time... but why is it that i am lvl 20, 8 lvls higher and i still get misses? why? why? and everytime i buy an armor, should i get the one which adds dex or str? why? please advise me alot on this... i dont want to create another character AGAIN!
    AND SOMEONE SAID! "Your "accuracy" stat has little benefit at this point, which is if your accuracy is above the monster's avoid, and you are at or above the target monster's level, you will hit 100% of the time. In all places except for maybe Singapore or Malaysia, your accuracy stat will be much higher than the monster's avoid, even if you had 4 dex." I AM FROM SINGAPORE! I HAVE 4 DEX... DOES THIS STILL COUNT?
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    Erm, what exactly is your accuracy?
    It's BARELY a factor in the equation anymore, but you shouldn't try to raise your dex just to increase your accuracy. Try getting the job hat (+12 str +8 accuracy) to give yourself a small boost.
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    does that mean i should never ever add dex?

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    Are you from MapleSEA or Global MS? Because it sounds like you are from Singapore which means you play MapleSEA.
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    BB was already announced for MSea, so for now, just wait for that. Work on a KoC buff mule while you wait (for blessing of the fairy/empress later).


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    Why is it that you never mentioned you were from MapleSEA in the first place?

    Big Bang arrives at Maple Sea on the 18th of May. It's March. Be patient. Stop making new threads. And please, calm down.

    Also, when that person said Singapore or Malaysia, they're referring to Singapore or Malaysia in-game. At least we now know you're from Singapore in real life, hence you're from MapleSEA, hence Big Bang hasn't arrived yet. Though you should probably play a different class (preferably one of the Cygnus Knights, but not Dawn Warriors) until Big Bang comes. Don't restart your Aran, don't add dex to your Aran. You'll see what we're talking about.

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    But..I am lvl 51 now and wearing zak helm yet click auto assign..I go to aquarium do mount quests can't even hit the seal -.- So..4 DEX is impossible for me..I am from mapleSEA too

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    You kinda ruined the fun of the post bb accuracy formula. Accuracy is according to level now that SEA has BB

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