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Thread: "I'm five years older than you!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulmabriefs
    To hop on top of someone, and make sweet, sweet love to them. Like this
    Thanks but no thanks, didn't need to see that...

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    It was hard to make the expression clear otherwise, sorry.

    I think that's sorta what I was getting at, yea. That, and perhaps I wasn't sure whether certain countries have really strong cultural teachings on the matter. After a short bit of giving her space (which I sensed was a bigger problem since she followed "you're walking too close" with "you're too young" = this is too sudden and/or you're being pushy), I got the sense she warmed up to me a little, and then everything of course screwed the hell up with a whole awkward situation. It was memorable, on the bright side.

    Lol, Harold and Maude. Who here has dated an older woman?
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    Unless it's an illegal or extreme age difference, I think most people just use that as an excuse to not have a relationship. It's like the whole "...I like you just as a friend" or "you're too nice." There's some amount of merit to the reasons, but the real reasons are usually more complicated/hurtful.

    The biggest age difference I've ever had is 3 years, and I'd probably keep it within 3-4 years until I hit my late 20s.


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