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Thread: MapleStory Jubilation (v.97) Update Maintenance - 04.26.2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepyxdude View Post
    Well, chaos is slated for summer. May is still not exactly summer, and they had to push something out for the anniversary

    edit: extractions posted in first post

    Chaos is slated for whenever anniversary ends.

    Also I covered the miracle cube thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Poisonous View Post
    pam songs were like 25k or something right

    so being able to buy roughly 3 and getting all that other stuff(namely the gach and the cubes) is a really good deal
    Remote gach
    1,200 x 30 = 36,000

    Regular gach
    1,000 x 30 = 30,000

    You're really getting ripped off in some cases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poisonous View Post
    friend told me that he's been hacking at the same spot/channel in scania for over a week now, and he still hasn't been banned

    it was also in a hotspot, idk much more than that though

    so based on everything they aren't doing much at all
    Almost everyone on the new server top rankings are obvious BT hackers.

    This room situation is slightly different though, but only time will tell.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Masked King View Post
    Still, that notice about combatting vac hackers this event. Could that mean nexon is starting to focus on them a little more?

    Also guys remember this is mainly a filler patch for chaos.


    Premium Miracle Cube
    A miraculous cube that resets #cthe potential and the number of potential stats# of a piece of equipment.\n#cIt can only be used on rare items#.

    Oh dix...

    the only content patch in the past 2 months is an anniversary patch

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    Quote Originally Posted by pangleaa View Post
    the only content patch in the past 2 months is an anniversary patch
    Why post on a almost year old thread.
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    I totally agree with the opinion that time. I really wanna come back that time.

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