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Thread: What's the ratio of 2 to 3 liner potential equipment?

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    Icon7 What's the ratio of 2 to 3 liner potential equipment?

    I don't recall seeing a 1 liner, but I could be wrong.

    Anyway, whether the potential is "natural" or added by scroll, what's the approximate ratio of 2 to 3 (and even 1, if any) liners?

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    imo I'd say like..
    Though it depends heavily on your luck, I've gotten a good amount of my gear 3 lined on the first try, though I have problems with gloves... They always seem to go 2 line, no matter what I do.


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    Items only come in 2 and 3, so you're right in that there are no 1 line equips.

    You can get hidden potential items by random chance when they drop, or you can use a 70% or 90% potential scroll to bring them to hidden potential.
    The first time you reveal, the item has a chance of being 2 or 3 lines. Although I'm not sure of the ratio, I'd have to guess (from personal experience) that it's close to 3:1 (2 line:3 line), but this is by no means a completely accurate figure. Once an item is 2 or 3 line, it will stay 2 or 3 line, even though it can go up in tier (rare-epic-unique)


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    From what I read on Spadow's blog they'll be releasing two Cash Shop items with a % to change your 2/3 lined to 3/2 lined. There was an 80% success one and a 50% success one. As of yet though this hasn't been released, but it will most likely come by next year.

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