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Thread: Need advice on BB SP reset

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    Default Need advice on BB SP reset

    Someone kindly pointed out Spadow's blog & I am reading my way though it.

    He only plays the Korean version and I play SEA (Sg & My).

    He mentions that for the 8th anniversary there was a revamp of mages, including
    Ice/Lightning Wizard, Mage, Arch Mage

    - New skill has been added: High Wisdom (2nd Job)- Increases your INT permanently. At master level, High Wisdom permanently increases your INT by 40.
    - Master level of Slow has been decreased from 20 to 10.
    plus some more goodies.

    Now, here's my question. In 18 days Maple SEA gets BB and complete SP reset. I don't rely much on skills before 4th job (attacking skills, still use magic guard, MP recovery, etc).

    So, if you were an I/L in Maple Sea would you reallocate *all* SP after BB?

    Or would you hold some back for new skills like that quoted (just in case)?

    Or, on the third hand, would you allocate all SP and hope that if they introduce such new skills they won't be just for new mages and existing mages will get some SP reset then (e.g if you have 30 in slow and they are reducing the max to 20, then surely they will offer 10 SP reset to anyone with 30 in Slow?)

    It's all a bit of a gamble (we may not even get this patch). What seems to be the best strategy? Thanks.

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    It's a free SP scroll that expires after some time so you might as well use it. But be ready, it's a clickfest to re-allocate all your skills if you reset.
    You also get another free SP scroll after the most recent mage update, so don't worry about not being able to add to the new skills.

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    you get two sp resets, one for big bang and one for the mage patch.


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