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Thread: Bowman Equip Level 30-70?

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    Icon5 Bowman Equip Level 30-70?

    After coming some back to maple after some years, i am confused on what equipments buy for my hunter. Can someone please tell me what bow/helmet/cape/shoe/overall/gloves/blah-blah-blah to buy from level 30-70 assuming that im funded? Thx in advance! :)

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    The first thing to keep in mind, at least at lower levels, is that defense is useless. Later on in the game, it does become a bit better, but only in massive quantities, and not really from gear.
    Since low level mobs don't really do much damage, HP doesn't matter as much as it once did.

    You should be worrying mainly about 4 aspects of gear before 70.
    1. Weapon Attack: Early on, this will provide the biggest and cheapest boost to your damage. You can get this from weapons, gloves, rings, blessing of the empress/fairy (if you don't know what this is, let me know and I can further explain it), attack potions (+12 att in NLC for 5k mesos, lasts 8 minutes), capes, etc. The cheapest things to go for are weapons, blessing of the empress, and attack potions. After that, investing in cheap ~6-8 att gloves will be worthwhile. If you plan to use a weapon for more than 10 levels (after lvl 40), throw 100% weapon att scrolls on it.
    2. Dex: This also increases damage, but since you won't be scrolling or cubing noob stuff, the +dex from gear will be pretty minimal. If you can get it cheap, go for it, otherwise don't worry.
    3. Str: You need this to equip bows (but not most armor), so use the str from armor to equip bows. For example, if you get +10 str from your armor and need 50 total str for a bow, you'll only need 40 base str.
    4. Speed: Though it is not as important for bowmen as it is for other classes, it does still help. Before you get bowmen overalls at lvl 50, you can throw 10 100% dex scrolls on a bathrobe for +10 speed and +10 dex (a great boost at lvl 20). Other items like rings, shoes, and some capes will also add speed. Throwing 5 100% speed scrolls on whitebottom shoes will get you another +8 speed. In Ludi, the potion seller offers speed pills (+10 speed for 10 minutes, I think 400 mesos). Stock up on those. With a bathrobe (+10), whitebottom shoes (+8), and speed pill, you're already at +28 speed (with the max being just +40).

    Don't spend too much on low level equips (anything below lvl 71). I usually allocate 10-15% of my total mesos on serious noob characters, and went by that rule even when I was somewhat poor.


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    Oh thx a lot!!! :)

    My equip:
    Clean Amdusias Hat
    8 ATT WG
    10 SPD 4 STR Icarus Cape
    Lv 17 Evo Ring II
    76 ATT Cao Cao Bow (7 Spd 2 Dex)
    Bathrobe 10 DEX
    4 DEX Squishy/Squashy Shoes
    SPD: 136% XD
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    Not bad, if you can find them cheap(Or even better, loot them!), some potential on cape/earrings/boots can give quite a bonus.

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    Now you'll want to invest in a Zhelm/Scar/CZhelm for the Str bonus, and a bit more Dex. This'll +15~22 Str will save you 15~22 Str you'll need to assign, then those points can go into Dex.
    You might also want to find a new overall/top+bottom.

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    you don't really have to focus on those eqs at those lvls because lvling is very fast at that level so just spend more money on scrolling +att scrolls on your gloves and'll need better weapon and armor on 90 or above :))

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