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Thread: Nyangeddon

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    You want to talk about convenient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixRider View Post
    Click here before starting:

    A day set apart from the rest, one of absolute hawaii and partial desunee. While some cower in fear by the sheer possibility of Nyangeddon and the end of day to day life as we know it, he THRIVES in it. For it is his day. His day to consume the world in absolute NEET, Shizuos and nyancats. It is said that on the day of his arrival his eyes were 5 inches tall and shimmered brighter than a thousand Mikuru beams. On the initial discovery of his existence, they knew pandora-chan's box must be shut immediately in fear of this "hawaii" contagion spreading any further. A handful of sekai's greatest cosmetic doctors sealed away what is abnormal, making him seem like an ordinary LightningShore child. Some said the fear was irrational, while others said the very fate of our world was in jeopardy. Those who disagreed with the actions taken found themselves mysteriously vanishing. Some say it was an attempt by Britannia to bury the incident all together. But with the rise in all that is hip, NEET and middleclass-white-guy, it's feared that the seal is deteriorating and on the anniversary of his birth, all that has been pent up within his MOE heart will explode. Pouring all that is denwa on the surface of the earth. Thus beginning the era of Nippon.

    Happy Birthday KittySamurai
    This is the greatest birthday thread ever made in the history of HS. Find a better one I dare you they just do not exist.

    Quote Originally Posted by ithrow4luk View Post
    hi it's me
    wishing you a birthday that ends in rapeture
    you are now legal to be a pedo
    you can watch porn without feeling guilty
    you can buy cigs
    and drink in some places in canada
    how does it feel
    you are a man
    this is a poem

    o **** didnt see pr's thread so tired someone move to that please
    ur thard was jus laem compard 2 phoenix's im glad dey merged

    Quote Originally Posted by F50 NOS View Post
    This has never been easier!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rook View Post
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh wow happy 18th. You're an old man now. x)
    legal pedo here i come

    Quote Originally Posted by kaglover1 View Post
    Yeah, kitty would do just that =.= HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY~
    bad news bro

    Quote Originally Posted by Merciless View Post

    uh Birthday Kitty to Happy!


    Quote Originally Posted by penguinzrock View Post
    this was a triumph
    im leaving a note here
    kitty birthday
    its hard to overstate my satisfaction
    if kitty birthday = huge success
    then kitty = huge
    oh baby

    Quote Originally Posted by jitenp View Post
    Kitty, happy 1st birthday in cat years.
    Happy 18th birthday in human years.
    Can u tell the difference between spanish and french now?
    Bonjour jitenp! Je suis une birthday! Tu parles du spanish! OUI OUI OUI OUI

    Quote Originally Posted by emailbox View Post
    welcome to the legal club
    all we do here is be legal and shyt.
    when do we start raping the children

    Quote Originally Posted by DDrgn View Post

    .,__,.........,__,....... ______
    `.,,.*`.,,.*<|::::::( o wo)

    ( ゚ ヮ゚) < "Happy Birthday!"
    best post aside from OP 11/10 would copy paste again

    Quote Originally Posted by Luis View Post
    I lost fireworks.gif


    have a bakkoi one
    who's dis ****

    Quote Originally Posted by Falkner View Post
    DD never fails to amuse me

    Happy birthday! Now you're a legal *****! get some!
    all aboard the kitty train

    Quote Originally Posted by ClericLordLeo View Post
    Happy birthday cat man samurai
    im handing out loot bags full of raptures

    Quote Originally Posted by Areks View Post
    Now we can legally have an awesome people orgy
    im wet already

    Quote Originally Posted by Wyatt View Post
    Happy birthday bro.
    love you wyatt <3

    Quote Originally Posted by rasudoken View Post
    Wyatt and Doken says hello (and Luna too)

    Happy Birthday Kitteh
    what do you mean i cant legally fap to wyatt anymore what is this

    Quote Originally Posted by Dae314 View Post
    Happy Birthday Kitty :D
    >comic sans ms

    Quote Originally Posted by supalime View Post
    Kitty turns 18 on the Nyangeddon. lol

    Happy birthday!
    play your taikos for my birthday party this is the instrument of my people

    Quote Originally Posted by Gloomy View Post
    Actually Kitty has been legal in Canada for 2 years now.

    Happy Birthday bb.
    where's my free ****

    Quote Originally Posted by OneSevenNine View Post
    I'm posting this late because i did not realize this was a birthday thread because the title was all "Armageddon and nyancat" and i was all "kittysamurai is neither of those things wat" and happy birthday man
    you have failed this insanely easy multiple choice test get out and take your racism with you

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixRider View Post

    You want to talk about convenient.
    saw that and was like WHAT
    me in the crowd, third to the left

    thanks bros

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    Quote Originally Posted by emailbox View Post
    welcome to the legal club
    all we do here is be legal and shyt.
    Technically the illegal club now silly. You look at the situation completely backwards.

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    Go away


    Sorry late post- In ur honor Kitty

    BuckshotEye-8x Cannoneer
    Destresation- 8x Aran
    [05-06, 19:18] Tesiqurasa: jitenp is hot <----took you long enough

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