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    [FANFIC]Pandora's Box

    Summary - A series of loosely related oneshots, based on the concept that every single MapleStory character is in actual fact, a human soul, trapped in a game.
    Author - Princess_Kally
    my stories for other fandoms may be found here. link -
    Disclaimer: MapleStory does not belong to me. I am not writing these stories for profit, only for fun. These stories are not meant to defame Asiasoft, Wizet or any other companies assosiated with MapleStory in any way.
    Chapter Summary
    1. Pandora's Box
    2. Pendulum

    Scroll One
    Pandora's Box
    Summary: Have you ever wondered why your character's eyes automatically glare when they get hit? Perhaps it's a nifty piece of programming. Or perhaps the reason is much, much darker.

    Scroll Two
    SUMMARY - She jumps, she moves, she screams, she laughs, she is insane. When death is but a sham, what more can you do?

    I made a comic adaptation for Pandora's Box, however, I stopped at page one, and couldn't be bothered continuing.

    P.S. Constructive criticism greatly appreciated. :]
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    I think I would find this a completely brilliant and attractive read if I hadn't just quit the game.

    Also, I've seen this idea on, possibly one of your stories there too? Maybe just a popular idea.

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