We're interested to compile a list of these drops/rewards to be included in a future database of sorts. Since some of you are already playing it, do help us out by posting your findings here - this community effort would benefit everyone. You may either post a screenshot for the quest rewards, or use the following code:

HTML Code:
[B]Monster Name & Level:[/B]
HTML Code:
[B]Quest Name:[/B]
[B]NPC's Name:[/B]
[B]Quest Procedures:[/B]
[B]Quest Rewards:[/B]
Examples of the usage:

Monster Name & Level: Slime, Level 5
Mesos: 21-43 Gold
EXP: 55
Drops: Slime Eraser, Slime Wand, Slime Drops, Slime-filled Hat, Gooey Clip, Slime Bubble

Quest Name: Researching Henesys 2
NPC's Name:
Quest Procedures (can be found in-game):
- Move to The Road to Henesys
- Get 3 Oranges
- Get 3 Mushrooms
Quest Rewards: 1000 Gold, 2 Lemons