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Thread: Nexon's Form - Change Email on an Account by Fax

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    Default Nexon's Form - Change Email on an Account by Fax

    For probably about a year and a half now, maybe longer, I've lost track... a Nexon account of mine suddenly became locked down after a patch. Nexon claimed that there was multiple failed login attempts and thus took it upon themselves to reset the account's primary password. And how was I to get this new password?, through the email that was registered to the account. There was just one problem, I didn't own that email account anymore (it was an account provided by the school I attended).

    Well, back during the time when this happened changing emails on an account wasn't the brisk process it has now become... but let's say your story is like mine, or perhaps you were unaware of the new format for modifying account information, or were just too lazy... and now through some odd occurrence your password has been reset. Things get complicated when you can't access the email account associated with your Nexon account.

    Of course... I logged many tickets from other accounts, which were rarely responded to and usually closed without a single word. But as good fortune would have it, a lady who had a similar problem had gotten ahold of a form from Nexon for resolving just this issue. She tried it out and within 48 hours... had her problem resolved. She emailed me the form and I decided I'd have a go at it... 24 hours later, I was back into an account that had more dust built up on it than a VHS cassette player.

    The form is really straight forward and doesn't ask for a whole lot of information... which is surprising enough. The key ingredients to the formula is knowing the old email account and including a copy of a state/federal ID with the fax. It doesn't specifically say it has to have any particular information, so I used a military badge and a couple of licenses which had no personal information but my name. One of the IDs did have a photo on it... but regardless the lack of a birthdate or any personal information seemed to be unimportant in processing my request.

    Anywho... I converted the .pdf file to an image so you all can right click and save it without the fear of downloading a strange file from a strange site, etc, etc.

    If you know her... "fireygirl99" of Bera is the little gem that got this ball rolling, be sure to say thank-you and blow a raspberry courtesy of me... she'll know what it's all about.

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    Crazy. Is this not publicly known or something? I'd expect it to be if it's guaranteed to work within 24-48 hours.
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    Don't get why it has to be a fax...


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    Nexon keeps direct lines of communication to it relatively hidden. Emails, tickets, etc all get dumped into a pool where if you're lucky, somebody might get around to just reading what you've written a week or two later. And then comes the tricky part... figuring out whether or not it's a legitimate request or just some sort of scam or spam.

    When you can't access the account you're having issues with and are stuck communicating to Nexon through another account, it seems that you get brushed off rather quickly. It makes sense when you think about the number of tickets that probably get sent to them on a daily basis... you get filtered out and tossed to the side. Or at least that's how it felt with my scenario.

    So... imagine that there is a fax machine sitting in their little office in California and the fax number is one of those little unknown secrets... one of those direct lines of communication with Nexon. You not only get read the day you're received, but potentially get resolved (if the information you sent is clear and correct) in the same day. Bonus... So why not a Fax? The odds of you being one of thousands or even hundreds received over a day is slim... it's like jumping to the head of the line and actually getting some real attention.

    Here's the catch though... I'm only sharing this little thing with this forum for a few reasons. One, its the forum I've used for my Maple related communication for what... five years now? Two, the amount of people who play Maple here are pretty limited at this point, and the amount of people I'd think would abuse the fax number is hopefully limited. This direct line of communication can easily be ruined should somebody decide to abuse the fax number and flood it with garbage.

    So... use it responsibly and don't circulate the number randomly or to people who would abuse it. In fact, I think I may just block out the number and make it a "by request" sort of thing.
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