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Thread: Cruelty Ring or Critical Ring

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    Default Cruelty Ring or Critical Ring

    Hey guys i'm currently getting an i/l mage to 80 for the whole chaos warrior event and i was wondering which ring would be better for arans and why. Thanks in advance :)

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    Wait what, Cruel and Critical rings are back?

    I'm not too keen on Arans, but if I recall correctly, Cruel ring gives 5 W.Att and 5% Critical increase. Critical gives 2 (or 1, I don't remember) W.Att and 10% Critical.

    This is just wild guessing, but if the Aran class have some skill that increases critical rate and damage, I think Critical would be better. If not, Cruel
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    Well the chaos warrior event lets you get a class specific (as in explorer, evan, aran etc) item if you level a char 40 times or get a new one to 80. and unless i'm mistaken cruel adds 3 w. attk and 5% crit while crit ring adds 2 w. attk and 10% critical. but thanks for the input :3

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    You'll want to go for the 10% crit. It will give you a slightly lower range, but unless you're above 90% crit before the ring, it's going to provide more damage.


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    I'm thinking Critical for my own Aran. It's weighing that single attack point against an extra 5% critical. And I think the extra chance for at minimum 30% damage increase is worth it.

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