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Thread: Ultimate Explorers (after Alliance?)

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    Default Ultimate Explorers (after Alliance?)

    I couldn't find another thread with this information, nor on Google. Hoping some intelligent being(s) here can answer.

    Right now, is there any advantage to doing all the work of creating and training a Cygnus to Lv120, and then making an Ultimate Explorer? Apparently you get some Medal, a Skill, and start at Lv50 (and get Lv24 BotF or something, but that's only mutual). Lv50 is only a bit more work/time, and I'm sure the Medal and Skill both become useless once you do hit 4th Job for sure, on the UE.

    Is there anything else that makes them worth the trouble? Also, I heard they are getting revamped after Alliance (or some other future patch). I think it was on someone's blog (one of those many people who blog about KMS and GMS). If they get some huge benefit over normal Explorers, it might be worth it than it is now. I'm more concerned about how "worth it" they'll be in the near future rather than right now.

    Any ideas?

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    I think them being able to wear items 10+ their level is pretty good. Otherwise, they're just easier to train, with the skill from the Cygnus during 2nd job and all, but I don't really think it's worth it.

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    They're missing 4 slots as well. Or 8.
    But probably 4.

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