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Thread: I need help on distribution of AP for Mechanic Class.. Im newbie

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    Default I need help on distribution of AP for Mechanic Class.. Im newbie

    HEy! I read few posts on SP distribution for this class..what about AP? I need guide, please help! Thnx

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    What level are you?

    Also the AP distribution for Mechanic's are much like archers, and exactly like gunslingers.

    Str = Level And the remainder goes into Dex, Now you'll want to balance this out about 45 Str as a cap, Since you can easily acquire more str from other equipment.

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    To elaborate, you'll want to wear your level's gun, but not necessarily the armor. For example, if the lvl 70 gun requires 70 total str. The lvl 60 armor requires 60 str, and you have one with +10 str. You might have 50 base str with +10 more from things like rings, belts, helmets, etc. So, you'd have 60 (50+10) str, which is enough to wear the lvl 60 armor. The armor gives +10 str, so you'd then have enough to equip the gun.

    Granted, that's just an example, but I hope you get the idea of "capping" stats effectively.


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