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Thread: Need help - SP & AP guide for wild hunter

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    Default Need help - SP & AP guide for wild hunter

    pls guide..i need help

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    Seriously.. there is like 5000 of A/SP guide other there, but i'm kind enough to give you mine.

    regular - click however many STR to let you hold weap, rest on DEX
    + able to hold high LV weap in PvP
    - less DEX (plx go search if you don't know the effect of less DEX)
    low STR - 4-50STR, rest on DEX; STR scroll equip to reach 100+STR
    + will not waste too many AP on STR, flexible
    - need STR equip/scroll
    STRless - All AP on DEX, ignore STR
    + high atk dmg due to full DEX
    - can't hold reg. weap., reverse, timeless; need tons of meso; pointless unless holding VIP
    Mine is on lowSTR.

    1st job
    initial - 1rider+1trip+1jump
    3boost->15rider->feel free to fill in the rest
    ALL skill should be maxed

    2nd job - commonly give up on rawr or mines
    initial - 1pt on w/e attack you need to train
    Max order - mastery-> soul arrow-> oshi/ricochet-> ricochet/oshi-> fa-> rawr/mines
    feel free to put points in between and switch order if you feeling too slow to lvl
    I pick rawr over mines because mines does not hit anything for me

    3rd job-commonly give up on blind, may also give up on enduring
    Initial - 1endure, 1dash, 1swipe
    Max order - JBoost.. the rest depends on what do you use to train
    My order - JBoost->Dash->swipe->hawk->trap->blind->endure
    I give up on enduring b/c 1pt on wild blast in 4th do more dmg than endure
    I train with dash first in jester until lvl90, then rawr+swipe until 120

    4th job - Skill book is what you need, nothing much to say here
    Initial - 1blast,1feline,1exploding
    Ideal max order - expert->sharp eyes->instinct->feline/blast->blast/feline->feel free to do the rest
    stink bomb is useless in my opinion; sonic roar is rarely used

    wild is pretty free on SP since only few skills need to be give up
    You are playing games only, don't follow guides blindly

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