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Thread: Capping Dex and Scrolling Equips Help

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    My Dual Blade has 90 base Dex atm, at level 107. I think it's a nice amount, 'cause I can wear the level 100 weapons fine because of the stat bonuses (I think my total dex is 157?). Instead of having 140 base dex to equip level 100 items, I have 90, and 50 more AP goes into Luk, which means I hit 50 Luk more. I may be wearing the level 80 top and bottom, but that's preferable over the level 100's any day, and I'm not wearing it because I can't wear the level 100's.

    Level 100's are an overall, so a top and bottom, being two items, beats it, of course. Dark Katinas has +7 luk, wheras Dark Pirate Top has +5 Luk and Dark Pirate Bottom has +3 Luk. More than the Katinas already. Plus, my Dark Pirate Top/Bottom is potentialed with 3% Luk and +8 Luk respectively, so it's all good. Dark Pirate clothes and Dark Katinas are both tier 3 potential, so getting a potentialed Dark Pirate Top and Bottom gets me two tier 3 potential items, instead of one.
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