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    Default Final Attack For hunter

    What benifit about Final Attack and Enhanced Basics For Hunter 2nd job ?
    Should i max them ?

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    This info is accurate to Post-Big Bang

    A Bowman will be able to max every skill in their second job book. Final Attack is a very nice skill as it's like a bonus arrow has been shot with no delay. Enhanced Basics combos well with Arrow Blow as it makes it almost as strong as Bomb Arrow. Both skills will be maxed so the order isn't too important. As long as Mastery, Soul Arrow and Bomb Arrow are maxed you shouldn't have problems (I would say Booster also, and I always find it useful, but I know that it's not always the most important skill).

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    i have 120SP second job
    Mastery (20)
    Final Attack (30)
    Bow Booster (20)
    Knock Back (20)
    Soul (10)
    Arrow Bomb(20)
    Basic (10)
    Total SP:130
    But I have only 120 SP only wor...
    Anyway I prefer old school because arrow blow and arrow bomb are almost the same arrow blow benefits are faster lvling at 1st job

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    You get 121 points in 2nd job and Final Attack only requires 20 to master.

    You have more than enough to max everything


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    FA is also cool 'cause it gives you an extra shot for free, no arrow cost, no MP cost.

    You have enough SP to max everything in 2nd job and add an extra point to something in 1st.

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