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Thread: [27th July] The Open Beta is live right now!

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    Default [27th July] The Open Beta is live right now! With Changelogs

    What is MapleStory Adventures?
    MapleStory Adventures opens a whole new chapter for Maple World on Facebook. Gather your friends, forge your alliances, and explore a fantastic universe for forgotten treasures and lost realms that never fail to surprise and awe even experienced adventurers! From the mushroom town of Henesys to the deadly sewers of Kerning City, walk your own road, create your own character, and write your own MapleStory Adventures!
    NEW UPDATE! (29th July): Magic Claw Animation Updated.

    Closed Beta users will be able to receive Head-Warming Sprout and a Slime T-Shirt.

    Some noticeable changes from Closed Beta to Open Beta (Change Log)
    1. New Crafting feature
      • A way to earn coin, Enchant Scroll, Mystic Dew through the use of Magic Stone

    2. Harvesting Food Ingredients
      • Items dropped are for Crafting

    3. Magic Stone Feature Changes
      • In Closed Beta, Magic Stone are collected to unlock skills, these feature is removed and replaced with the use of Facebook Credits.
      • In Closed Beta, Magic Stone is only obtainable through Level Up, these feature is replaced as it is now obtainable through monster hunting
      • Magic Stone is now used for Crafting

    4. Changes in Rewards
      • Random Town Box no longer gives Energy but Magic Stone.
      • Collection Rewards no longer gives Energy but Magic Stone.

    5. New pet system
      • Instead of surprise box purchased in Shop (Closed Beta), owning a pet now requires Facebook Credits through Pet Manager
      • Pet Hotel

    6. Facebook Credits Implementation
      • Cash items
      • Unlocking Skills
      • Unlocking Maps
      • Crafting
      • Pets
      • Almost Everything

    7. New UI
      • For Shop (Items are categorized and reached a maximum level of 15x)

    8. Map Changes
      • Extended Map of Henesys, Kerning City, Perion, Ellinia (Only these 4 major towns are accessible at the moment)
      • Changes in all Towns (Rearranged and New NPCs)
      • New World Map

    9. Others
      • Hunting Quest items are much harder now

    Future Features:
    1. Hair salon and Face Change
    2. Adding More Coins through the use of Facebook Credit
    3. "MapleStory Adventures-Global MapleStory"(MSA-GMS) Cross Promotion
    4. Town: Skyscraper, Florina Beach, Kerning Square, Sanctuary

    (To be updated... gathering info)

    Official Announcement:

    MapleStory Adventures Open Beta Begins July 27!
    Your new favorite Facebook game is back! MapleStory Adventures returns with the launch of the Open Beta on July 27. The Open Beta brings you more content, more features, and more fun for everyone. With no additional requirements, playing MapleStory Adventures is as easy as logging into Facebook. There’s room for everyone so invite your friends to party with you in MapleStory Adventures!
    Get into the game now! Special gifts await to thank you for your participation in the Closed Beta.

    Check out MapleStory Adventures on Facebook!
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