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Thread: F50 nos

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    Quote Originally Posted by penguinzrock View Post
    This was never true. In fact you were banned before, and came back under an alternate account for some reason.

    What does me getting banned and coming back on an alternate account have anything to do with what I said...

    i've lost my got damned mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryuuji View Post
    This is irrelevant to the argument, and we aren't even talking about Tesiqurasa and you arguing. For the sake of the topics that you have derailed, please hold off on this thread.
    I was just saying, I could relate to it.

    Hmmmm, the last thing I think I saw F50 in was like a tech thing on how to work my PSP. F50 showed up, but didn't leave a strong impression (problem wasn't solved either, because my computer categorically rejects Sony Media Go, since I don't have half the programs needed to install it). I have no idea what Tesi's beef with him is.

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    f50 did not really help you in your thread because he did not really understand the problem (like he mentioned in the chatbox)

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