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    Default [Need Advice]Wind Breaker AP Distribution

    So I've got this Wind Breaker. The regular STR distribution is Level+5. However, I left my STR at 4, but have saved up points just in case I need to up my STR. Basically, I'm level 52 with 4 STR and 53 Unused AP.

    What I'm asking is if I should go STR-less or apply Ap to STR. I have all Maple Bows (an 81 Att Kandiva and 83 Att Pyrope Kandiva). I'm pretty much set until level 77, but I'm unsure if I need to get weapons that go further than level 77 (thus, requiring STR). This Wind Breaker is solely made for the KoC Buff, for making a UA, and a cheap, quick, effective way of playing a Bow Master.

    Is it worth it to get a higher-leveled weapon for a character I won't be playing when I hit 120, or should I just apply everything to DEX and keep with the Pyrope Kandiva until Level 120?
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