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Thread: Fire Pillar. It is useless?

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    Default Fire Pillar. It is useless?

    I was looking at the skills you get at lvl 70. You get a skill called Fireball which does the same thing with more damage.

    That said, why should anyone max Fire pillar?

    Your thoughts please. :P

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    Absolutely max fire pillar, you have nothing else really to put points into, and just because something becomes sligtly less useful at level 70 doesn't mean it doesn't do a heck of a job getting you there.

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    Where will you train and what will you train with during 2nd job (30-70)?
    by Cryopon

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    I probably should have done a little more homework. I guess fire pillar isn't too bad with slow, The whole reason I started this thread was to figured out if I should restart my mage. I'll just see how it turns out cause right now the mcpqing is great. o.o

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    I've been finding that it works quite well for mobbing things that are 15-20 levels higher than you that are weak to fire. It's damage is slightly higher than steal (25% more power) and mobs 2 extra targets, so it makes grinding go faster if you're willing to take some risks. My main is bandit though so i'm still learning this class, I went from 20-70 in three days with this technique however.

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