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Thread: Evan Skill build and Quests (need help!)

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    Clover Evan Skill build and Quests (need help!)

    I'm currently level 42 and have run into a few problems.

    I've done all the quests in order (I've heard there's a possibility of side quests) and I'm a few points short of what I 'should' be at.

    I have only 19 Teleport (1 point short)
    15 Lightning Bolt (5 points short)

    Are there side quests here I'm missing?

    Also, I have to inquire about the 4th job skill build. Most of the guides I've read do not mention Spell Mastery at all, but it looks pretty good. Is this because they skip it, or was it simply not out when people cared at all about Evans?


    While searching a bit deeper (not on the main sites) I found this.
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    There are 2 Mastery skills. One of them is in the 3rd growth and the other is in the 9th. In BOTH cases, they should be the first skills you max in that growth.

    As far as your points, yeah you must be missing some quests. Evans can max all of their skills.

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