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Thread: emailbox's (somewhat) Indepth Hero Guide

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    No you love gear, stop making assumptions.
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    Will update the guide for Ascension patch which is currently in progress.

    I'm hating Ascension right now. Updated my Hero guide (done) and am planning on condensing and reposting my F/P guide (lolokay).
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    Just like how warriors don't need dex, does Magicians need Luk? Does Crossbowman and Bowman need strength? Does Assassins and Bandits need dex?

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    Mages need LUK to equip all their (non-special) gear. It's generally your level +3. Note that Elemental Wands aren't included (LUKless weapons), along with Unwelcome Guest and Maple equips.

    Thieves also need DEX to equip all their gear, minus Unwelcome Guest and Maple equips. It's generally your level +40.

    Bowmen are special because they need STR to equip their weapons (minus Unwelcome Guest and Maple equips, again), but not their armor. Their armor is all STRless.


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    Nice guide, very pretty :>

    I'm planning on doing a hero once my WA is 120(For the lovely +24 w.att buff), I'll probably end up using this guide :3

    Also, the MP recovery image on the Pre-Ascension part is broken.

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    Fixed, thanks. I put the wrong .img extension for it.

    Also, discovered something of huge importance yesterday;
    Coma's stun effect persists after you hit them.

    Doesn't apply to any other stun effects though, just Coma's. I tested this extensively on multiple monsters; obviously boss mobs can't be stunned, but for regular training, if you use Coma then use Intrepid/Rush/Other Skill Here, then they stay stunned after the 2nd attack.

    Note that this doesn't apply to Shout, so if you use Shout and you attack a mob, the Stun disappears.

    Anyway, I switched the build to reflect this discovery; you should pretty much exclusively get Coma right after your BR/CA combination and right before Chance ATT.
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