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Thread: Friendly Friend

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    Default Friendly Friend

    so basically friendly friend has made a total of 3 posts outside this specific thread

    an introduction post
    a "this is so cool" post
    and a "oh i see" post

    this is the ulterior motive alarm, internet police in full swing.
    friendly friend, if you joined this forum for the sole purpose of posting in this thread and causing a commotion regarding terms pertaining to a fandom,
    you are a bad forum member, and technically a troll.

    i don't know of any good member that keeps to one thread, nor any good member that is so obsessive over a singular topic to the point of calling people "haters."
    hell, it doesn't even have to be MLP related. any person that does what you have done could be called a troll.
    this has nothing to do with bronies or whatever.
    anyone who joins this forum, makes a couple nondescript or otherwise noncontributive posts,
    and then proceeds to start calling people out on opinions about a single topic they believe they have the moral high ground,
    is a troll.

    friendly friend, you are a troll.
    your fandom could be about literally anything else and you would still be a troll.

    frankly, i can see why some members are fed up with you.
    personally, i have no objections to whatever the hell you wanted to accomplish through this.
    but i do care about the repercussions of your forum actions.
    if you had perhaps come to this forum, made a couple more decent posts,
    maybe even introduced yourself through the normal gradual posts in threads of interest,
    you would've been okay, and no one would've jumped on you for liking MLP this extensively.

    but no.
    you brought everything upon yourself the second you decided you were suddenly the paladin of pony fandom.
    it was up to you to defend the fandom against "haters," and you wouldn't rest until everyone was aware of how great the fandom was.
    please, give it a rest.

    here's another example just to prove my point:

    if i were to have joined this forum, made 10 posts not even maple-related,
    and then proceeded to become a fountain of truth and glory for the homestuck fandom
    no doubt there would be people who disagreed with me.
    however, instead of letting it go and respecting those people's opinions regarding my fandom,
    i decided to try and correct them, and take personal offense to their posts,
    and then escalate the subject into a giant debate regarding the fandom as a whole,
    (which is completely pointless and stupid, since a fandom is as diverse and noncollective as anything),
    then naturally i would be disliked.
    and then if i had realized this, but continued to vigorously defend my opinions, despite a general agreement that i had taken things too far,
    then i would be a troll.

    simple as that.
    will repeat: friendly friend you are a troll.
    please shape up and maybe try contributing to the forum in some way not-pony related.
    or at least if you don't, try to keep the pony posts to the bare essentials of a fan post
    (which is basically just an exposition of your affection regarding the topic, and nothing reactionary or at all offended).
    there's nothing wrong with making a post like,
    "hey guys did you catch the new episode? oh man that was great."
    "man the symbolism and/or message behind this motive/character/event was sure subtle, i love this episode"
    but there is a problem with making a post like,
    "actually, haters, i can see why you're so ignorant, you just don't get the message, you don't understand"
    "technically you're a brony, i'm going to push this irrelevant term and take offense to every post that even so much as deviates slightly from my own view"
    or even
    Quote Originally Posted by Friendly Friend View Post
    I can't take you serious after reading that and I'm officially marking you as a hater, who like to see no end to rage and hatred.
    Also you're wasting your time here raging at us instead of doing something better, so kindly leave this thread.
    i'll take one last look at what you've done wrong before ending this uncalled for and overly authoritative post (get my drift?)
    "I can't take you serious after reading that and I'm official marking you as a hater"
    implies you think yourself some sort of authority on the matter, as if you taking him seriously is somehow a big deal
    only exacerbated by the fact that you bestowed "official" powers upon yourself
    "Also you're wasting your time here raging at us"
    implies there is a collective "us" that is collaboratively united against pyrofyr.
    "kindly leave this thread"
    implies you're just ignorant to the machinations of a forum. you can't "leave a thread" since no one "enters a thread."
    a forum is a collection of posts regarding a myriad of topics, and a thread is just that: a "thread" of ideas from members discussing the topic at hand.
    someone asking someone else to "leave a thread" is akin to asking someone in real life to "stop looking in one area of a community pool"
    it's just childish, and you are childish.

    internet police out.
    Hate is easy; love takes courage.
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    dont even know the guy and read like 2 of his posts and i knew.

    he is a troll.


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    I'm agreeing with this. I myself aren't a fan of children's cartoons, thus only checking the MLP thread once or twice, but after reading that guy's posts, it's quite obvious that no one wants him there, and he's probably realised it himself a long time ago, but he wants to do something like keeping his pride.

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    This is why I love you penguinz. You use facts, and big words, and make the trolls flabbergasted, since they can't argue against what you said. "Friendly Friend", I want to ask you. How did you find this thread? And why must you use the term us? Quite frankly, it appears you're hiding behind anyone who posted in that MLP thread, once pyrofyr started "raging", as you call it. I noticed nobody agreed with you, or defended you either. We're not a community that just jumps on a member as soon as they post. We're quite the opposite. Sometimes disregarding their posts and saying something along the lines of "Welcome!" You just instantly jumped in to that thread, took a "leadership" sort of position, and acted as if you had just became the owner of that thread. If you would post outside of the thread, not throw the terms "brony", hater, or the like around, maybe things would go better for you. Nobody here is in love with the show, not even as much as you. You could maybe find another forum with as mush passion for a children's show, possibly? This may be a forum dedicated to a game for young teens, but a lot of people here don't play it, and rather, hang out with the community. Our biggest section here is Tomato Island, which is, if you didn't know, the "off-topic" section. Most new member here are welcomed greatly, as we are a subtle little community. Take...Grace, for example. She jumped in, gave an introduction post (Or thread, I don't remember) and began drawing MapleStory characters. Nobody has a bone to pick with her, and nobody dislikes her. I throw the terms "nobody" around, because if you take a look, there really is nobody that hates her. Could it possibly be that she is new, and not obsessed with drawing? If she invaded a thread related to say...the death of Steve Jobs, and went COMPLETELY off topic with one of her drawings, one of us here MIGHT have something to say to her.

    I'll end this on a positive note.

    It's Saturday.

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    This guy is neither friendly nor a friend.

    Also he probably won't see this thread because he's always in the pony thread now.

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    Didn't FF come right after my little pony thread was created.

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    Someone should link him to it.

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    Saw his comments. Not much to contribute. +1 to Pengz.
    I'm Retired.

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    I believe we are interpreting this somewhat incorrectly. There is a clear break point in my thread where we go from talking pretty casually about the show to having a friendly/pyro debate about bronies and whatever else they debated about. I hope that you would all agree with me when I say that posts like this are simply posts from a fan of the show encouraging someone (me) who has just taken an interest in the show. Friendly showed up in that thread as basically the resident MLP expert which we did not have in this forum. Yes, posts like that were a bit excessive in information about the subject, but I see that kind of post as something any dedicated fan of anything may do. There is clearly no trolling intentions in those posts, and it's simply giving information away and promoting the subject of the thread.

    The break happens here. Dispute it with me if you must, but compared to the content of the thread before that post, that was clearly the point where things changed. Compare that post to Pyro's previous post here. The aggression level in the former post is clearly much greater than the latter. I am willing (and I hope you would agree), to mark that post from Pyrofyr as the very first trolling post of the thread. Friendly's first response, as I see it, is a normal response from a fan to a troll who has just attacked a subject of interest for the fan. The ensuing debate is where I begin to digress from my arguments for friendly.

    After that breaking point, we begin to see increasingly aggressive/defensive posts about subjects of controversy, which are normal symptoms of a thread that has been successfully trolled (citation 1, citation 2, citation 3). I hope that you would agree with me that at this point the thread has been completely trolled. Now, comes the part where I cannot continue to defend friendly. You see, there is an unspoken rule in all forums to not feed the trolls. However, friendly's dedication to the show will not allow him to simply let this kind of thing go, so he begins what is basically an aggressive anti-troll against pyrofyr. I will not cite posts for this argument because it is clear that all posts from friendly directed at pyrofyr have become troll food. There are points where we tried to rope in the now out of control thread back to the original topic (citation 1, citation 2 and others), but friendly has been roped into pyrofyr's domain already and does not break free until about page 11. At present time, the thread has finally begun to come back to the intended topic (unless you're going to call kag's post another trolling post >.>).

    I would hope that this is enough evidence to convince you that friendly did not come here with the sole purpose of trolling that one thread. Rather, he is guilty of feeding the troll which allowed the MLP thread to spiral out of control for several pages. As to the argument that friendly has not made any other significant contributions to the forum, I believe that when the MLP thread has settled, we will see normal activity from him. Friendly has been a member for just over a week now (Join date: October 5), and he was trolled just 4 days after joining. Based on the number of posts in the MLP thread by him, I would say that his time was devoted to feeding the MLP thread troll for 4-5 days after that. For a subject of interest for a fan to be trolled in this way, I think it is at least fairly justifiable that the MLP thread was the center of friendly's attention for a time span of 4-5 days.

    In conclusion, I believe we are jumping the gun in calling a new member just over a week old a troll because he was successfully trolled by one of the most experienced members in our community. Lets give him some time.

    </wall of pink>

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    Dae's got it

    You can't deny that Pyro started it.
    by Cryopon

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