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Thread: Identity online

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittySamurai View Post
    yeah, it seemed off how nervous he was becuase he's done so many keynotes before

    synopsis: guy who created 4chan, has this new site called it's 'unique' (not really) in the way that it only pushes forced identity for verification purposes, and allows the user to branch into either anonymous posting or creating an identity (similar to how tripcodes on 4chan are abused.) he wants this system to be applied to a social networking site, because facebook and google+ are pretty much pushing forced identity. it can be a useful tool for casual internet users, as well as the more 'obsessive' ones

    and really, what kid doesn't have a facebook these days. it's essential if you want to stay relevant in a crucial period of social development.
    thanks for the summary

    and while it's true that pretty much everyone has a facebook/cellphone/email account/INTERNETSITEHERE, it's hardly necessary for early childhood growth.


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    To be honest, I don't know how much socializing I really do on facebook. Other than going back and forth with a few close people, I've never bothered doing much on it in terms of real socialization.

    Some environments don't rely on it as much, especially once you get a pretty good network of friends in one place. For me, this would be my college campus. I didn't even bother getting a FB profile until one of my good friends starting moving away during the summer. I'm sure I'll ramp up FB use when I move off-campus, but at this point, I still don't see it as a "necessity".


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