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    Hey folks! I'm new here.... Names Jake, been playing Maple on and off since 2005, pre pirates, Aqua, etc.

    So I have a ton of questions, and I need a lot of help.

    Mainly with selecting ONE or TWO characters MAX to main. I have been mindlessly switching between different characters, and I really need help.

    My Characters:

    Level 67 I/L Mage
    Level 58 BaM
    Level 46 Gunslinger
    Level 38 Blaze Wizard
    Level 37 Evan
    Level 43 Brawler

    I have a lot of good equipment in the INT and STR categories, and I have 1B to add onto those categories or start on a new batch of equipment for a different stat.

    I have many questions:

    1. Should I continue one of my current characters?

    2. If yes, why, and which?

    3. If no, which character should I use (preferably one that deals with INT and STR)

    4. What should I spend my money on?

    5. Should I go DEXless or STRless or whatever?

    Okay... Now here's some info on how you can help:

    I like fast characters
    I like characters with flashy skills
    I like OVERPOWERED characters ;D
    I like to level quickly, very quickly
    I do not care what others think about the class, as long as it is OP and quick 2 level

    Thanks so much! :D

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    I need some help

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    why did you make another thread of this?

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    Blaze Wizard and I/L mage.

    Gear the Blaze wizard, get it to 120, Then transfer all the gear to your I/L. You've now geared two characters and have a level 24 blessing.

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