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Thread: MapleStory is running slow for me. HELP

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    Default MapleStory is running slow for me. HELP

    Hello, I need some help and I hope this is the right place to post this.

    I can log into maple and play just fine but, it's extremely laggy for some reason and I dont know why. When I type something in game and hit enter nothing pops up and every about 2 or 3 step with my character i freeze and lag up.

    Can anyone help me please?

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    Does your computer meet MapleStory requirements? Minimum doesn't cut it.
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    If it was working before, and it suddenly stopped working, undo what you did between the time it was working and not working.

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    My computer is way over the req. and I used to play maple fine back before all the new changes but, I had xp back then and now im using win 7.....dont know if that really makes a difference.

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    It should not be a big deal. Have you checked with the maple chart? If you have all of the requirements, you should not be lagging.

    If it's not any of this, you may have a problem with your router ie your internet connection
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    That sounds like you're having a network issue, but I need more information about the problem.

    A hardware issue would mean that your framerate is low and/or the time it takes you to load up new maps (after going through a portal) is really long. Stuttering and stopping is usually a network issue. When you say that your text takes a while to show up that sounds like it's taking that long for your text to be sent to the MS servers and processed to display.

    Can you describe freeze and lag up more? When you freeze does all the monsters around you freeze and leave you able to move? Or is your character frozen in place and doesn't move? If you keep holding a direction does your character teleport all of a sudden after the freeze ends or do you stay stuck in the same place?

    Switching to W7 shouldn't affect your play, but I can't be certain since I'm not completely versed in MS W7 interactions. Check the usual stuff like firewall and antivirus.

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