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    Icon2 Paladin - The immovable wall

    Not yet updated for Alliance Eternal

    Yes, I am aware that there has been another warrior revamp in GMS (and KMS, for that matter). However, I will need to go on and test out the changes before I publish any changes. I may not update this guide for Alliance Eternal at all, instead skip straight to Justice (which should be released when I finish my first semester of uni).
    I will also keep the post-Ascension sections here for MSEA players if I feel a lot has changed.
    Please bear with me.


    Part of me refuses to call this a guide, the other part is a realist, and this tiny fraction has no idea why I'm doing this.
    This is both a guide and a collation of information I have gathered about my class. I can't credit specific people as I don't remember where I learnt this all from, but the credits mainly go to: Southperry, for it extractions; Hidden Street, for its database and hosting this guide; Basilmarket, for both the smart mature people and those seeking information; and other players, Paladins or not. This 'guide' may go into more depth than you will ever care about, so I'll bold the sections that are important. If you are new to this class or a completely new player, I suggest you read through everything but the mathematics at least once before making a Paladin.
    (Note that Combat Orders is a third job skill which adds 2 to all other skills, excluding itself.)

    The builds will take the form of:
    Notable skill descriptions - This will go into more depth about some skills when I think the skill descriptions are poor (or incorrect, when you look at Combat Orders).
    Skill builds - Both Combat Orders and non-Combat Orders reliant, if necessary. There will be one generalised for each, and they will be broken down and explained. Please remember that skill builds are flexible, so you do not need to follow this word for word. In fact, it is best if you personalise the builds. These skill builds are only for maximising training efficiency.
    Training grounds - Training grounds, including PQs, for income, experience and items. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to finding any yet.

    About me
    Only because this is supposedly needed.
    At the time of writing of the first draft, I am a level 135 Paladin in Windia. I've been playing for five years now, although I've only been a Paladin for less than a year. I'm not the strongest Paladin that ever existed; damage is not my primary concern in this game. As a result, this guide might come from an unfunded player's perspective.
    Note to self:
    - Skill comparison
    - Training
    - Equipment
    - Mathematics
    - Condense everything periodically
    - Pictures
    - Colour

    About Paladins
    Of the three warrior adventurers, Paladins are the most defensive. Accounting for all current classes during Ascension, they also may have the greatest survivability, possibly rivalled by Shadowers - hence why I call them the immovable wall. This comes from a plethora of defensive skills such as Power Guard, which halves the damage you take, and Guardian, which has a 40% chance to block any attack when maxed.

    Paladins use swords and blunt weapons. Most Paladins will also use a shield and 1 handed sword/blunt weapon combo midway through third job to take advantage of Shield Mastery, which triples their defence. Swords are more commonly used because of they are faster and easier to obtain.

    Like all adventurer warriors, Paladins lack a consistent mobility skill. Rush in fourth job can be used as one, but only when there is a monster in front of your character. They make up for their high HP and even higher defence, as well as the additional survivability from defensive skills.

    Stat allocation

    All to strength. There is no need for dex unless you plan to equip the level 130 and 140 sets, but if you can get your hands on those I'll assume you know what to do.
    1 strength adds 1.2 defence. Though that might not seem like much, you'll eventually have defence in the thousands. This is the only class in the game which cares about defence (as in the numbers in your stat screen).

    Skill Builds

    An introduction to skill builds

    First job: Swordsman

    Second job: Page

    Third job: White Knight

    Fourth job: Paladin

    Equipment and maximising your damage output

    An introduction? Probably.

    Equipment at earlier levels (10-70)

    Approaching end-game
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