Okay so I've never had a character past 120, and now recently I'm finding it very easy to level, I've gotten to 105 in two weeks on my new Mardian Priest.

Question 1.

How do skill points work after 120? Do you continue getting +3 every level until 200?

Question 2.

Where should I put my skill points? I have an Angel Ray 30 book and looking for 20.. I was thinking of doing +1 Ressurect, +5 Angel ray to begin and book to 30(Hopefully without fail) but idk what else i should get prior to other skills. Money is no option, I'm finding merching is easy. I just bought 52 EE scrolls for 1m a piece and selling them for like 6m (7m is the actual mardia price). I got lucky finding those so cheap ^^

Question 3.

Where should I train after 120? I know Lion King's Castle is good, but until when?

Thanks guys :D