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Thread: [F/P Mage] Need help for training ground and skill build..

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    Icon7 [F/P Mage] Need help for training ground and skill build..

    Hihi everyone, I juz get my 3rd job as a F/P Mage.. Have problem wif the skill build and training ground..

    Hope to get some help here..

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    Hey I'm a f/p mage myself. In the 3rd job, you should have enough sp to upgrade every skill to the max except for one. For me, I didn't upgrade seal, since all of the other skills are either attacks, buffs, or passive skills. Seal simply stops enemies from attacking, which can be helpful, but doesn't need to be upgraded fully to work.

    Since you just got 3rd job, I recommend training in either Nihal Desert and Mu Lung until about lvl 90, then you can switch to the higher lvl parts of Aqua Road. I definitely recommend doing quests in Nihal and Mu Lung, especially the chain quest in Magatia. Aqua Road is good for lvl 90 and above, but isn't very diverse and not many quests are availabe.

    After about lvl 100 or so, the remainder of your training in the 3rd job should probably be in Leafre. Definitely do the Neo City (Tera Forest) Theme Dungeon quests, as they are repeatable with every log off/log on and give good exp.

    Hope this helps!

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