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    Icon7 [GUILD/BERA] Wuddlywads is looking for members!

    Wuddlywads is a freshly made guild (7th Jan 2012) and we're looking for members!

    We just expect you to be nice, act maturely and that you're simply fun to play with!

    1 Leader (Decomax)
    2 Admin (Jr. Masters)
    3 Wuddlywad (Member)
    4 Tryout (New members are in tryout before they get accepted or not)
    5 Inactive (If inactive for too long, you get booted to save space for active members)

    - Don't beg
    - Don't harass
    - Be mature (you can of course be silly for time to time, you know the difference)
    - Don't destroy gameplay for others (ksing other members, hacking, etc)
    - Decent English (we dunt want dis kind of typin 4 it is irritatin)

    About Me & Co founders
    I used to play maple before in 2004 or something, I don't quite remember. I've taken many long breaks but when I found my lost password to Global (played in Europe for a long and boring while) I got excited again. No long breaks will be taken for a long while.
    I'm 21, nice and act maturely to members. I don't judge you from your gear, level or anything. I judge from how you behave because that's what's important to make a enjoyable guild in my opinion.

    The co founder are good friends of mine that I know in real life, we converse about things involving the guild and so on. Both in person and in game. That way things don't just happen suddenly without every staff member knowing about it.

    Other Info
    - Emblem:
    - Maxed member slots (100)
    - In alliance with OldStory a popular guild back in the day that's brought back to life again. As new as this one is, made at the same occasion.

    Contact me in game, my ign is Decomax.
    I'm online quite often, I'm in GMT +1
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    We don't take in any more DemonSlayers for a while, we already have too many.

    Reason being, it looks really silly to have 2 other classes and 7 demonslayers. I'll take in more demonslayers when we get some other classes.

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    Demon Slayers will be accepted after the end of march because of the temporary removal of new Demon Slayers, among other classes.

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