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    Default Cannoneer Guide

    Hi everyone! This will be my first time writing a real guide for a specific job.

    The Cannoneer: <insert picture of Cannoneer here>

    My IGN: NotArcane, 13x Cannon Master, Nova (Inactive since Demon Slayer came out)

    Cannoneer was the first job released in the Legends (v1.04) patch.

    AP guide
    Equipment help
    SP guide

    What's NOT in the guide:
    How to play a Cannoneer - Make your own style!

    PROS of being a Cannoneer:
    1. High damage
    2. Ranged attacks
    3. Flashy moves
    4. MANY stat buffs(TWO party buffs): (Mega)Monkey Magic, Maple Warrior, (Pirate Training and Pirate's Blessing for self)
    5. Decent DEF

    1. Slow(8) attacking speed. With all self-buffs, attack speed is Fast(5)[or Fast(4) if you somehow got that Wind Booster potential skill]. Attack speed should also reach Fast(4) if Speed Infusion is used on you.
    2. Slow movement speed. A cannoneer can't move too quick without the aid of some skills. (These skills can't be used in the Free Market, as they count as attacks.)

    That's all I can think of right now.

    AP guide:

    A Cannoneer's primary stat is STR. You want as much STR as possible. However, most Hand Cannons require a little DEX to equip.
    This DEX is easy to come by if you have lots of mesos/NX.

    5 STR EVERY LEVEL or ALL STR (until maxed)
    Use the above rule UNLESS you need DEX to equip a (much)more powerful cannon or you reached lv. 197 (at which you will have 999 base STR and must add points elsewhere)
    The idea is that you will be able to obtain free DEX from your equips, so you never need to add DEX at all.
    However, if ABSOLUTELY necessary, you will still be able to have 999 base STR if you add up to 23 DEX. (Commonly accepted truth)

    More on this free DEX in the equipment section below.

    If you complete all of the Pirate quests, you should get up to your lv.20/25 set. Use those. (Note: If the Legends Equipment event is running, use the equipment obtained from that.) Other than that, you could use equips you find. If you do decide to buy equips from the Free Market, you would want to get them with potential, preferably with at least 3%STR. (Details on potential can be found in another guide.)
    Some items worth mentioning are:

    Horned Tail Necklace (HTP)/Chaos Horntail Necklace(CHTP) (Level 120) -Honestly, these are very expensive. However, they will give you a HUGE boost in stats when properly "egged." Both Horntail and Chaos Horntail are level 160. Suitable/recommended for end-game.

    Cannons: (Click here for a list of cannons)


    Now for the part everyone wants to see: Skill distribution!

    First, I would like to explain some of the Cannoneer beginner skills. These skills are the ones UNIQUE to a Cannoneer. (I am not going over Three Snails, as no Cannoneer would ever need that.)


    From here until 4th job, all skill descriptions are based on the max level.

    1st job: Pirate [Cannon Shooter]

    2nd job: Cannoneer

    3rd job: Cannon Trooper

    4th job: Cannon Master

    What does each level of the skill do? Use these links to help you.
    1st Job/Pirate
    2nd Job/Cannoneer
    3rd Job/Cannon Trooper
    4th Job/Cannon Master

    Job Advancement: You will receive a quest for each job advancement you make. (Levels 10, 30, 70, and 120.) Just complete those quests to advance.

    Well, that's my guide on Cannoneers! If you have any questions, comments, corrections, rants, praise, OMGURAWESOME stuffs, feel free to PM me ON THE FORUM or post a reply. Thanks!

    ~iGamer (a.k.a. Arcane)

    P.S. Go Nova!
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    Thread approved.


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    Added skill descriptions for 4th job, fixed some typos

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    Using this to remake my cannoneer for the link skill :D
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