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    Default Need a lot of help, starting over

    I realize these threads must come up a lot but I'm completely lost.

    I use to play a very long time ago, back in 2007, and didn't even play much back then but I've been pretty bored lately and thought I might pick this up again. I had a hermit to level 73 back when I played and thoroughly enjoyed it so I thought I'd start another one.

    I have a buddy of mine offering to fund me on basically any world that I want to play and is being pretty generous about it. Well, I think he is, no idea what the average income is anymore or anything. He's offering to fund me 3-4b.

    I'm open to all suggestions on basically what to spend it on and if possible, please be as specific as possible. No acronyms or anything because I literally forgot everything I knew about the game and haven't kept updated on any of the new stuff. Also, if anyone can point me to a good guide and other websites. All the stickys seem to be very outdated. From what it looks like, everyone goes no dex and pure luk?

    Like I said, I'm basically a new player and looking for a lot of free information and will be eternally grateful :D

    Thanks a lot.

    edit: I've found Clockwork's guide and it's very helpful and updated so thanks to that!
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