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Thread: Endgame Dexless Cannoneer Loadout

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    Default Endgame Dexless Cannoneer Loadout

    By loadout, I mean a complete set of planned equipment. I'm posting this for planning and organization purposes, and so that other people can see what I'm attempting and hopefully help refine it. It is by no means any sort of guide or statement, but just something I thought I'd share for the feedback, and even just for others to make plans from themselves. Feel free to comment with suggestions, constructive criticism, and even just questions. Thanks.

    This loadout:
    • Requires MapleStory Global (GMS) v1.06 to complete, as well as a few event items (which can ultimately be replaced).
    • Is completely wieldable without ever adding a single point into any Stat aside Str. You just need a lot of patience, or a lot of money and some patience. ;)
    • Is meant for PvP at Lv140+, and does not consider the Lv140 equips (Shark Tooth Skipper), as they are amazingly difficult to get.
    • Does not consider any sort of upgrades, such as scrolls, enhancements, and potential. This is primarily due to the fact that such upgrades are random and unforeseeable.
    • Does not take the Blazing Sun Set into consideration either, as I'm not convinced of its existence, let alone its availability.
    • Also does not consider later Rings such as Angelic Blessing and Cygnus Kohinoor, as they can be "temporarily replaced" by the Immortal Hero Set (at least I think they can). This is a set of 2 Rings: Berserker's Eternal Ring and Guardian's Eternal Ring, which, in total, gives Wpn Atk +12, All Stats +25, and a few other bonuses. The only downside is the low Potential Tier (if even applicable). The Evolving Ring III Lv. 10 would probably be the first thing to be replaced by one of the former Rings, anyhow.

    See the very bottom expander for the explanation on how the Dex required for the Vepar Bloody Set is achieved.

    Valyrio's Endgame Dexless Cannoneer Loadout (v1.0)
    Last Updated: February 1st, 2012





    Dex Summary
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    The Dominator Pendant can (and should) be scrolled. It'll get to +35 to all stats.

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    You have some peoples dreams put in a thread.
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    I personally wouldn't want to risk the 30% chance of destruction on a Dominator Pendant if I ever got one; at least until I had a relatively easy chance of getting more... but yeah, with 5 slots, and +3 All Stats with each upgrade, it would basically have the stats that are listed on HS (but with a lot more W/MAtk).

    Ultimately you would scroll/enhance/potentialize everything as best you could. I haven't included any potential upgrade items mostly because they're random. The first thing I would do is use Potential Scrolls on everything that doesn't already have Potential, and hope nothing blows up.

    They're my dreams, that's for sure. But the hardest thing to get would really be the mass amount of Gallant Emblems. (Although I don't know how hard the two rings and Dominator Pendant will be to get from Arkarium. I'm assuming it will be something like HT and the HTN.)
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    I really don't want to do necropost, but I read this thread and I want to make a cannoneer with this setup.
    Does someone knows how much is the equipment in Bellocan?

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